The Fletcher Class was the largest class of ships ever built by the Navy. Because the Stoddard was the last of these stricken from the Naval Vessel Registry, we call her the "Last of the Fletchers."

 USS STODDARD DD-566  31st Annual USS Stoddard Reunion will be held in Virginia Beach/Norfolk, Va - September11th thru September 14th, 2019.
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 Click here for the stories and photos from WWII to her final fate. Click Here for Alumni Lookup, Membership info and a list of the deceased The 31st  Reunion   in Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA is committed to." All past reunion info is HERE. Get that official cup, shirt, hat or jacket from the ships store right here. Get it for the next reunion.
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This section contains many documents about the Fletcher Class destroyer New - 1953 Cruisebook
July 1965 Battle for the Ca De River Bridge
YouTube of Fred Crenshaw 60-64 cruise. 
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