Battle for the Ca De River Bridge


July 28/29, 1965 - The Battle for the Ca De River Bridge

 Researched and Recorded by

Sgt. Karl Lippard, USMC Ret Colorado Springs, CO

This report was compiled from various documents provided by Karl Lippard and assembled by Dan Withers.

This is a presentation that will include all USS Craig and USS Stoddard sailors aboard the night of July 28 and morning of July 29. In my personal diary I had it recorded as providing NGFS (night gun fire support) somewhere in DaNang Harbor. I'm waiting to receive copies of the Stoddard Deck Logs to add to this discussion.

> From Dan Withers personal log aboard the Stoddard for July 28, 1965 - Holiday routine. GQ called at 00:30. Listened to President John's speech about the Vietnam Situation on the 1MC. Shot high explosive salvos all night.

Steel Storm: A Pivotal Battle Kept Secret for 53 Years - by Bill Scott from his blog - William B. Scott. Battle Research supporting documents Youtube Video of a presentation made by Karl Lippard on September 30th, 2018 at the 30th USS Stoddard Reunion Banquet Followup emails after viewling Karls presentation are Here. Can you add to it? Email Dan Withers from Here. Audio Download only of the reunion presentation



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