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  Posted to YouTube YouTube of Fred Crenshaw 60-64 cruises. 

    YouTube video of Heath '62 cruise.
02-18-2012 Vietnam Added Unrep video page
  Reunions Opened the 2012 Reunion Page
  Shipmates Upgraded the Alumni Search Pages

08-23-2011 Comments Added reader questions and comments

08-23-2011   Click Here for information on various cancer support organizations that believe they offer useful services.

08-23-2011   CPO Standards, contributed by Mike McCaffrey, Admiral (retired USN)

08-23-2011   Stoddard History Project Here - newest revision

08-23-2011   Stoddard History - new complete text version

08-23-2011   Stoddard CO history - photos and details

08-18-2011 Vietnam1968 Stoddard Unrep photo from the sky. From Geron Marcom PH2, USN 1967-1970

08-12-2011 Coldwar Video Highlights from WesPac Cruise 1962 from Victor Heath RD3. (13 min, .wma format) (added 08-12-2011)

12-07-2010   Lynden Noe photos from the '68 cruise.

02-12-2011   Added the 1963-64 Cruise Book (02-12-2011)

02-21-2010 Reunions Added a copy of the 2008 Reunion Memory Book

02-07-2010 History Added a list of Commanding Officers by date.

10-12-09 Store Changed the price of store items

10-08-09 Reunions Added the 2010 Reunion Info page.

09-09-09 Phalanx development and test history Added R2D2 with Attitude: The Story of the Phalanx Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) by Robert H. Stoner, GMCM (SW) (Ret)

  History document from Leroy Tinsley


In Search of Saltiness by Neal Pearson, ET1.

08-05-09 HOME Added Google Search to homepage

08-05-09 2009 Reunion Changed Hotel name from Adams Mark to Wyndham

07-26-09 2009 Reunion Added July 2009 newsletter

01-13-09 Tinsley Added photo and history from Leroy "Roy" Elmo Tinsley

07-11-08 2008 Reunion Added July 08 Newsletter

05-10-08 2008 Reunion Added May 08 Newsletter

01-21-08 2007 Reunion Added 2007 Reunion pictures. Updates for Search pages.

01-01-08 2008 Reunion Added preliminary 2008 Reunion Schedule

01-01-08 Hoffman Added Chuck Hoffman photo collection submitted by his family.

11-27-07 Funk Added Leslie Fun's document collection on the Tachen Island evacuation.

07-20-07 2007 Reunion Added July 2007 Newsletter

02-06-07 Ships Store Updated costs and items

02-02-07 2007 Reunion Added Jan 2007 Newsletter.

01-29-07 2007 Reunion Added Jan 2007 reunion updates.

01-20-06 2006 Reunion Added Jan 2006 Newsletter and updated officer info.

    Hoag Nostalia Trip


The history of DESRON21 online here

01-12-06 Maxim Photos Added about 350 photos from Lou Maxim's 68 Cruise.

12-19-05 Keel Photos Added Keel cruise photos.
12-15-05 Chance Meeting Added a story of two Stoddard shipmates meeting, by chance, in a parking lot.
12-12-05 Reunion 2006 Added new info on the 2006 reunion in Mobile, AL
12-10-05 Reunion 2005 Added "post" reunion photos

07-16-05 Reunion2005 Added July Newsletter with reunion info.

02-25-05 Reunion2005 Added Registration forms and cleaned up documents.

01-09-05 Alumni Updated all new names received.
01-09-05 Alumni Added Taps and photos for Phillips Barnes
01-09-05 Alumni A question about Asbestos from Marshall Morgan

08-31-04 Homepage Added Taps for Dale Patterson
05-02-04 Alumni Added TAPS for Lester Derrington
03-26-04 Alumni Newspaper clipping from Leslie Andrus, Dec 54
03-26-04 Alumni Letter from Dean Qually
03-26-04 Lester Smith Added 9 photos from Lester Smith

02-18-04 Bootcamp 1963 Added copy of "The Anchor" from NTC, San Diego.

01-18-04 Reunion 2003 Added 2003 Reunion Newsletters.
01-18-04 Home page Added 2004 Reunion Newsletter

12-08-03 Ships Company Terry Keel digs out a copy of the 1967 Cruise Crew list
  Shutters GIANT photo selection
  Patterson List List of Shipmates on the cruise.
  Paullus photos Photos of the sinking ship rescue
  Ships Company List of shipmates on the 65 Cruise
  Downed Pilot Recollection of the downed pilot rescue attempt

11/28/03 Taps names names of the deceased that we know about.
  Alumni names made a million changes to reflect new names
  Reiss Photos Great selection of photos from 58-60
  Bryan Swoops Aspen Helicopters used at the test range.
  Flag folding How to fold the American Flag and its meaning.
  Jokes Navy related jokes collection
  Comments Collection of questions and comments from Shipmates.
  2004 Reunion Laid out the pages for 2004 information

10/01/03 Reunion Changed announcement to Chicago, 2004

05/23/03 Alumni Names and addresses updated

05/09/03 2003 Reunion Added Activities and Registration

04/09/03 2003 Reunion Added Hotel Terms and Information

02/07/03 ColdWarCertificate Added Cold War Certificate page

01/25/03 Home page Added Reunion date and contact info.

Cold War Added Cold War section and removed content from the Korean War Era section.
Taps Added more names that were received

01/03/03 Alumni Names and addresses updated
Robinson Added Robinson Memorial Page
Vietnam 1967 Added Weidlich photo section

09-29-02 Korea Added Med Cruise Video
Vietnam Added Brusseau Video

09-02-02 Technical Added Ships Drawings

05-29-02 Search Added the Search function

05-27-02 Alumni Names and addresses updated

Reunion 2002 Registration Form, Schedule of Activities

04-20-02 Alumni Names and addresses updated

Ship's Model Models of Stoddard available

Korea View Robert Henry painting awards

Vietnam New page - Recollections of March 7,1967

01-27-02 Alumni Names and addresses updated, new section TAPS for departed shipmates

C.A.R. Award Update received from Bob Haug.

History Commissioning Day Deck Log on April 15, 1945

Reunion 2001 11-28-02 Newsletter, Pittsburgh pictures, and video clips

Reunion 2002 Hotel information, Hotel terms & conditions, San Diego attractions, letter from co-Presidents, new section: Notes from the crew

Stoddard Rebirth Bob Haug has a complete set of instructions for sending requests to our congressmen and senators

Weapons Test Loose missile hits the Stoddard, exStoddard Hull Layout

World War II Chris Hurst sent corrections for labels on pictures, new sections for Stern Sheets 4-15-45 and Radar Picket ship off Okinawa. 

10-22-01 Homepage Updated format
Membership New Co-Presidents elected
Reunions Added Reunion 2002 page

09-06-01 Reunion Newletter 08-01-01

Alumni Names and addresses updated

Reunion 2001 Crew letters: Doug Block, Howard Brusseau, Charles Caine, Tom Labonne, T.L. Morgan

Vietnam Photos from Mike Phillips

06-30-01 Alumni Pictures shared at the 2000 Reunion in Jacksonville, Florida by Byron Goodwin and John Stoyle.

Korea John Honberger's pictures of 53 Med Cruise

World War II Bill Hurst also brought pictures to the 2000 Reunion.

06-25-01 Homepage Armed Forces Retirement Home

Alumni Names and addresses updated

Reunion 2001 Crew Letters: Donald Hall, Arthur Featherston, Lyn Noe

World War II Former Enemies forwarded by Joe Reading

04-29-01 Alumni Names and addresses updated

Korean Era Pictures of 1952 Med cruise by Bill Reynolds

Reunion 2001 Special accommodations at Holiday Inn

Technical Reflections of a Blackshoe

Vietnam 1968 Cruise Book pictures

04-01-01 Alumni Names and addresses updated
History James Stoddard section re-written
USS Marmora photo added
Technical Living Conditions on board a Navy ship
Reunion 2001 Newsletter 03-23-01 - application forms

03-04-01 Reunion 2001 Newsletter 03-01-01

02-25-01 Alumni Names and addresses updated

Test Ship Phil Campbell sent photos of the Stoddard as a Test Ship

Final Fate Stoddard sinking: video clips of sending her to the grave

01-21-01 Membership New section for membership dues and alumni information

11-26-00 Homepage Email regarding 1968 accident

Stoddard Rebirth New section! Bob Hoag has started the effort to name a new ship after our namesake.

Alumni Names and addresses updated

2000 Reunion Crew letters: Tony Rubner

10-29-00 Home Page We are now running as
our own website !

Alumni Names and addresses updated

Korean Era Wasp Teletype added under Readers' Stories

Changed format to show specific years and related documents
Early Years
   PDF files converted to JPG
       1965 Cruise book
       Deck Logs
   Added info from Robert Butler

2000 Reunion Removed registration form and additional comments

10-11-00 Alumni Names and addresses updated

Vietnam 1967 Cruise scrapbook pictures from Robert Butler.
Have you seen Jimmy Short?

World War II Certificate of Surrender

08-31-00 Alumni Names and addresses updated

2000 Reunion Crew letters: Dan Aron, Jack Klute, Gene McCleary

08-16-00 Homepage,
2000 Reunion
Added note that Embassy Suites sold out, but rooms available at
the Fairfield Inn, just across the street.

08-08-00 Alumni Names and addresses updated.
Pictures sent by: Bob Boza, Glen Balzer

2000 Reunion Newsletter 07-27-2000
Crew letters: Bob Wright, Arthur Schottenheimer, Christopher Silleroy

07-11-00 Alumni Names and addresses updated

2000 Reunion Crew letters from Don Whitworth, Suel Gardner, and Patrick Licese.
Letter and pictures from Don Rhinehart.

Technical The Sullivans (DD-537) pictures from the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park.

Vietnam Emails regarding Agent Orange & USS VIRGO moved from Homepage to the Vietnam page

Final Fate Picture of the Stoddard at Mare Island in 1994. Taken by Naval & Aviation Artist, Michael Donegan.

05-30-00 Alumni Names and addresses updated

2000 Reunion Crew letter from Don Olsen

Korean Era Honolulu newspaper article

Site Index Alphabetically listing of sections in this webpage

04-23-00 Alumni Names and addresses updated

Technical Link to from Dave McComb 

General Section added for information on James Stoddard

04-09-00 World War II Retroactive Combat Action Ribbon

2000 Reunion Crew letter from Dean Qually

Alumni Names and addresses updated

03-30-00 2000 Reunion Links for Crew letters received during the year, Newsletter for Reunion 2000

Alumni Names and addresses added/updated

1998 Reunion 1998: Cartoons by Frank Buck

Ship's Store Items listed with an order form page to print, fill-out and mail or fax

03-03-00 Vietnam Photo collection from1968 Cruise

Alumni Alphabetical index to address and biographies

Reunion Details for Reunion 2000

Korea Pictures from Henry Bennage

Vietnam 1968 Press Release
E-mail to Dan re: his diary and the Braine

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