Loose Missile


Hi Dan

My name is Dave Wright. I spent a couple of summers while I was in college working at the PMTC in Port Huneme. I was there when the Stoddard was brought in from storage and was getting outfitted for the PMTC. 

I can remember once when they brought it back in smoking with a partial fire due to a heat seeker hitting one of the generator sets on the deck. A heated target hanging up on the crows nest had failed and the missile went for the next hottest thing. That was a poor 90kw generator set running the target. It knocked the old 6-71 diesel in half and the missile went down one of the passageways, catching an electrical panel where it stopped and burned out the fuel in the rocket. It did not have a explosive charge as they were testing the guidance of it only. 

I still have a battle lantern from the Stoddard and a self powered phone hand set that was given to me. There were 3 other destroyers there at the time. I will have to look through my pictures and see if I can make out the names on the stern's.

Dave Wright
Lead Service Engineer
Hinkle CSC Operations
Hermiston Oregon

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