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Vietnam Wespac Cruise -1967

Added 1966-67 Cruise Book (.pdf) from John Gerten. (11-7-2015)

Added 1966-67 Slide Show from John Gerten. (11-7-2015)

Photo Selection of 67 Cruise from Joseph Weidlich

Got in the photos today [1967, maybe some from 1968] on CD for your consideration for posting on the Stoddard website.

There is a photo of the 566 in port at San Francisco [at the Embarcadero].  I assume that this was the midshipman's cruise.  I believe that that was the only time we docked in SFO in the 2+ years I was aboard, not more than one day.  As I recall we had previously been in Hawaii, then Everett, WA, as I remember I went to Seattle for a day's outing [rained, of course].

There are a few shots of an unrep with the Turner Joy; also a couple of helicopter unreps as well.

There are three shots in Sasebo drydock after our 3-17 hit.  I distinctly remember being on mid-rats duty in a driving, cold rain with no ammunition in my "piece".  So much for repelling borders! 

Scrapbook Stuff

  1. Taking fire picking up the pilot, a view from the Ingersoll.
  2. Citation
  3. Shipmate recollections about the damage received.....
  4. San Diego newspaper articles:
  5. March 19 Plan of the Day
  6. March 17 Summary of Action
  7. Whitacker - Plan of the Day
  8. Family Letter - Conolly
  9. Brusseau video from 1966-67 cruise.
  10. Joseph Weidlich photo selection from 67 cruise.
  11. (01-01-08) Chuck Hoffman Photo Collection 67 cruise
  12. Stoddards 5" Guns Support Sea Dragon Operations, WESPAC '67
  13. NEW -John Gerten Photo Collection

I have three shots of a typical typhoon enroute from Yankee Station to Subic Bay, with a shot of the incinerator that didn't quite make it through.

There is a shot of a destroyer on Yankee Station.  The Ingersoll??  I think she may have been the only one along for the ride off Hanoi.

I have a couple of shots of bunkers, which I believe were probably Guam, where we stopped to refuel, probably enroute back to San Diego.

Finally, a couple of shots from Hong Kong:  a junk, and a shot of the Hilton.

I took all of those photos with a Pentax Spotmatic 35-mm. 

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Stoddard at SFO 35mm Machine Guns 35mm ammunition in hoppers Torpedo tubes Torpedo tubes - 35mm Guns
UNF5CF~1x.jpg (43366 bytes) UNF5A1~1x.jpg (76307 bytes) UNF5C5~1x.jpg (48630 bytes) UNF9C1~1x.jpg (68604 bytes) UNF9B1~1x.jpg (41141 bytes)
Bridge Wheelhouse


Mt. 54


Hedge hogs Empty Shell casings Turner Joy coming alongside for unrep
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Turner Joy alongside Establishing Link between ships Unrep underway Helicopter unrep: mail? Helicopter unrep
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Typical refuel unrep w/carrier group In drydock at Sasebo, Japan after the "hit" In drydock at Sasebo, Japan after the "hit" The "top secret" burner, after typhoon Yankee Station. Ingersoll???
UNF5AF~1x.jpg (58750 bytes) UNFDB5~1x.jpg (65631 bytes) UNF9B5~1x.jpg (79714 bytes) UNTITL~2x.jpg (58729 bytes) UNFDB1~1x.jpg (48048 bytes)
Location of March 17 "hit" Typical typhoon weather Typical typhoon weather More typhoon weather Typical Pacific sunset
UNF5BF~1x.jpg (64663 bytes) UNFDA1~1x.jpg (91833 bytes) UNF1C1~1x.jpg (37315 bytes) UNF9C5~1x.jpg (73710 bytes)  
Coming into Guam Coming into Guam Chinese junk in Hong Kong Harbor Hong Kong Hilton  

Video Tapes from Howard G. Brusseau, MMC Retired.
(added 09-02-02)
Enjoy these streaming videos converted from 8mm film to VHS video tape. The are activities on the 66-67 WesPac cruise. There are lots of people shots too. Maybe you can recognize faces and let me know who you see.

They are encoded for Microsoft Windows Media Player. If you don't have a copy, select Version 7.1 from  this site. ------>
NOTE: The DSL versions are huge files and take a long time to load before they display.

 A chopper hovering. We were receiving our mail. DSL
The gunner mates were familiarizing the repel borders crew with the M-1s (45s). I think some of them missed the ocean. Coming into Yokouska , Japan and getting ready for sea detail. The little fat guy is an Apache Indian, my drinking buddy. Did you ever try to out drink an Indian?
On our way to Tonkin Gulf ( Nam ). Some of these swells were 30 ft and I think our decks were awash about 75 percent of the time. Watch the other side. We almost lost a man. I went out to save him and handed my camera to a guy and he took a picture of his own foot. The kid had to save his hat (mess cook). He did lose the shit can though.
USS Kittyhawk and oiler? Men going on watch - only an officer can have dumb luck and not get wet.
Plane guard in Tonkin Gulf . Weather plane with the dish on top. They send junks out to spy on us so the choppers hover over them and rip their sails off.
Transferring personnel. A heavy cruiser, not sure which one. (maybe USS Canberra (CAG 2)
Shore bombing - this is when we took a hit. We stuck our necks out and damn near got it lopped off. Also, we were at General Quarters. The shell hit us in lug berthing.
 The Captain and XO observe the repairing of the hole before going into Japan and getting it fixed.
The Cruiser Long Beach
Grab-assing in haircut line.
This roll of film was on the end of the cruise. Midway Island and the goonie birds. The baby and the goonie dance. They crash land. The water there is clear.
The guy got his finger cut off. I had to repair his mess and dig his finger out of a bolt hole.
The Kittyhawk had bad fuel combustion. Refueling. Plane on elevator hanger deck, Looking through.
Water taxi in Hong Kong harbor. Junks all have engines
Going on a mission (the ship’s name I forgot). Now we are going through some VC gun boats. We tried to draw their fire but they would not shoot at us. Each boat carries a gun or guns of some kind and these boats are the ones that raised hell with our river boats. The ship and these boats were out of the war zone so we could not shoot - it would not be fair
Sub we tried to get a high line over to, but it parted, too rough. Seems like we were always refueling. DSL

Cruisebook pictures from Robert Butler

joe (98859 bytes) Rough Crew (153995 bytes) NavyCitationHit (103733 bytes) typhoon  (127928 bytes) dirtyjob (34274 bytes)
Crew Rough Crew The hit that got us the Navy Citation Typhoon Dirty job

Photos from John Gerten (some appear in the slide show at the top.)
002 missing

(added 02-11-2012) This Video added from Allen Lonhofer, ET aboard the USS Zelima, AF

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