ALUMNI  -  A thru Be.

Abolton Jr, Robert
Patricia Abolton
640 Almirante Dr
West Covina, CA 91791
626-339-5826 {deceased 2/17/2003}
Served 61/62 Rating SN

Acord, Delbert
53 Forest Rd
Brockton, MA 02301
Tel: 508-586-5276
Served 56/58 Rating FN {deceased}

Adam, Warren H.
10390 County Road 83
Elberta, AL   36530‑4630
Rating:  OPS

I checked out the website and learned a lot I did not know, such as her final resting place off Kauai. I was surprised at the memories that came back while watching those video clips as she started to list and sink. I left as OPS Officer in October 1964 so our tours may have had some overlap. I had heard that she was decommissioned but I just assumed she had been scrapped. I kind of like the idea that she is still in the Pacific, even if it is on the bottom.

Adduce, Alfred
4 Phillips Dr
Talman, New York 10982
Stoddard: 53-57; Rating: MM1

Aguiar, Lawrence R
1207 Sleepy Hollow Way
Roseville, CA 95661
Served 57/59 Rating RD2

Ahlmeyer, Richard 
19435 E Abert St
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Served 57/63 retired as Master Chief Machinist Mate

Akers, Eddie L. 
Seattle, WA
Stoddard: 58-62: Rating: BT2

Albright, Robert S.   (Maureen)
53 E. Summitt Street
Mohnton, PA  19540
Tel: 610-777-0362

Aliberti, Mrs. Salvatore    (Edith)
106 Glen Drive
Havelock, NC  28513-1703
Tel: 919-444-2111
Service: 20yr,  widow (deceased 5/22/97)
Stoddard: 55-6; Rating: QMC

Allen, William T. (deceased from cancer 5/20/03)
821 Hatcher Court
Montgomery, AL  36109-1703
Tel: 334-271-0094
Stoddard: 60-62; Rating: GM

Altherr, Clemens J.   (Corrine)
198 Twin Creek St
Henderson, NV 89014
Tel: 702-450-1601
Service: 52-56
Stoddard: 53-55; Rating: MM2

Althouse, Tom
Marine Superintendent
Nimitz Marine Facility
UC San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA. 92093-0705 USA
Phone: (858) 534-1643
Fax: (858) 534-1635
Stoddard: 64-66

[ Notes from Glen Balzer to Dan Withers]
Tom arrived on Stoddard as Electronics Materiel Officer in 1962, and then moved through the functions of Combat Information Center Officer, Communications Officer and ultimately Operations Officer at the time of his departure in 1966. He now heads up the Nimitz Marine Facility, part of the University of California at San Diego.

After departing Stoddard in 1966, he went to grad school at Monterey. He remembers ETMC Blaine E. Grady, who neither of us can find today. He told me that Steve Small, who was OI Division Officer in 1964 and 1965 was originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Altiere, Dominic J.
241 S. Osborn
Youngstown, OH  44509-2910
Tel: 330-792-2309
Stoddard: WWII PO;  Rating: MM2

Altman, Louis L.   (Irene)
P.O. Box 825
Orange, VA  22960-0487
Tel: 540-672-3177 
Stoddard; Rating: CPO  (deceased 04/26/98)

    I was CPO in the engineering room on the USS Stoddard. I don't recall the date I reported or the day I left. While I was in the Navy I served on the following ships: USS English,  USS Redman, and USS Stoddard and all of them good good duty.

Ambrose, Terrence L
5222 N Marmora Ave
Chicago, IL 60630
Tel: 773-774-9589
Served 64/69 Rating RD2

Anawalt, R.A.
8300 Venture Dr
Waldorf, MD   20603
Rating:  LT

Anaya, Art 
1012 Sandia
Carlsbad, New Mexico 88220
Tel: 505-361-0333 Cell
505-470-3372 Sister
Served 62/62 Rating MM2

Anderson, Vernon (Marta)
2586 Wilson Way
Blainesville, GA 30512-5462
Service: 43-63
Stoddard: 57 Dec - 60 Jun; Rating: MMC

    Reported aboard the Stoddard as MM2 fresh out of class A Machinist Mate school where I changed rates from EN2 to MM2. My duties aboard were aft engine room, working under Ken Brooks (MMI). Brooks made Chief and I was appointed to take over his duties as MMI the remainder of tour of duty on the Stoddard. In 1960 transferred to the recommissioned USS Oklahoma City CLG-S where I served in the A division. In 1962 was made chief. Transferred to USS Jones Ingram DD-938 in August 1962. Made Mediterranean cruise. Duties while aboard was in charge of A division. Retired December 1963.

    After the Navy I made my home in Denver, CO. Went to work for Gates Rubber Co. as a fireman for their boilers and generators. In 1966 took test for Class A stationary engineer and received my license. Worked for Gates as Engineer until July 1968, then quit to open and operate a Mobil Service Station. Went to work for Civil Service/as a power generator operator for Colorado Air National Guard from 1970 to 1976, then transferred to Air Force Finance m Denver CO as supervisor for heating and air condition for the Finance Center. Retired from civil service December 1978. Took a year on vacation then went to work for Hilton Hotel in Denver as boiler operator for a year, then to Columbia Savings and Loan in Denver in charge of maintenance of 23 buildings. Retired finally in July 1987 and moved to Deland, FL.

Andis, Richard L
2429 Gairloch Dr
El Paso, Texas 79925
Tel: 915-591-3258
Served 1955 Rating QM2

Andrus, Leslie L
1208 Richard St
Elmira, NY 14904
Served 54/56 Rating MM2

Newspaper clipping Dec 54

Anglen, Charles L
1424 W Camino de la Oca
Green Valley, AZ 85614-4600
Tel: 520-399-9482
Served 60/63 Rating FTG2

Apaute, Don C
RR 1 Box 116A
Cache, OK 73527
Tel: 580-429-8530
Served 1955 Rating FN

Ard, Graham
11704 E. 203rd St
Raymore, MO 64083-8453
Tel: 816-331-4614

Arnold, Ernest (Bill)   (Jan)
6 Village Lane
Haverville, MA 01832
Stoddard:  54 Jan ‑ 58 Jun    Rating:  FT2

Aron, Dan
181 Wildwood Avenue
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
Tel: 973-509-0396; Fax: 973-746-5513
Service: 1960-63
Stoddard: Feb 61 - Oct 62; Rating: LT(jg)

[ Email received 8-26-00]
I was Supply Officer of the Stoddard from February of '61 until October of '62 - 1 and a half cruises, including the Laos crisis in '61 and early Nam unpleasantness in '62.  Captain Jay J. Vermilya was out XO early in my tour, and I happily made contact with him on my first visit to San Diego in 38 years -- he told me about the reunions.

Sorry that I can't get to Jacksonville this year, but I'd like to become a member and be listed on your site. It would be great to reconnect with people I remember fondly, like Captain Collier, Freeman Neish, and the two chiefs who kept me out of trouble, Buck and Bentley.

[ Biography received 09-04-00 ]
Graduated Harvard (Regular NROTC) June '60; Supply Corps School in Athens, GA until January '61. Boarded the Stoddard in Subic Bay in February '62 and took over as Supply Officer in what seemed like hours (my predecessor couldn't get off her fast enough!).

We were soon in the Gulf of Siam in the middle of the Laos crisis (4 hours to get underway, supply replenishment for the next morning scrapped, saved from chaos by great PO's like Bentley and Buck). Back to stateside (June?), and into drydock in Long Beach. Down to San Diego that Fall, and back to Westpac in January '62 for the early phases of our active involvement in the SE Asia mess.

Returned to San Diego in June/July (?) '62, and was assigned for shore duty to the 3rd Naval District in New York much against my will -- I loved San Diego, and might have stayed Regular Navy and done at least 20 had BuPers relented. They didn't (surprise), and I ultimately left active duty at the end of October '63.

Since that time I've been in the radio business as a DJ, Account Executive at ABC, and for the last 30 years the Creative Director and President of my own radio commercial/music production/sound design/casting company, No Soap Productions. I have 3 kids (30/16/14) and a wonderful wife of 20 years who is the real brains of the company, and the love of my life.

My memories of DD566 are always tempered by a chuckle, and a profound respect for the professionals of the Navy, both enlisted and commissioned. That so much responsibility was give to so many inexperienced young adults is a tribute to the confidence and guidance of the senior officers, as well as the Chiefs, PO's, and members of the crew. Captain Vermilya (who was my XO when I came aboard) made me aware of this association when I returned to San Diego in August 2000 after 38 years. I hope to hear from them before long.

Auen, David E {deceased 8/21/01}
Miriam Auen {wife}
2312 Forest St
Carroll, IA 51401
Tel: 712-792-1551
Served 1961 Rating SN

Aurelio, Gerald R.   (Mary Ann)
43 Wenlock Street
Staten Island, NY  10303-2616
Tel: 718-273-7985
Stoddard: WWII PO; Rating: Cox

Averett, Robert D
22910 Summitt Rd
Los Gatos, CA 95033
Tel: 408-353-1711
Served 61/65

Axford, William
48 Tropical Falls Drive
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Tel: 386-673-4994
Rating: RD3

Babcock, William   (Evelyn)
5856 Rapprecht Road
Vassar, MI  48768
Tel: 517-823-7659
Service: 51-54
Stoddard: 51-54; Rating: FP1

    Served on the Stoddard from 1951 to 1954. Was in Navy CB Reserve as SF1 from 1954 to 1959 and Navy Reserve as HT1 from 1959 to 1988.  Retired with pay. 
    Worked for GM 34 years and retired from GM 1-1-85 as a Journeyman Pipefitter.

Bachman Jr., Herbert G
2852 El Monte way
San Jose, CA 95127-4519
Tel: 408-259-2971
Served 1959 Rating SMC

Backes, Ronald J.
534 Poinsettia St
Chula Vista, CA 91911-5651
Tel: 619-421-6362
Stoddard: 64-67; Rating: XO,LCDR

Badding, Joe  
8711 West 92nd Place
Westminster, CO 80021
Tel: 303-489-9064
Rating: BT2

Baetz, Jay G.
141 Andrews Drive
West End, NC 27376
Tel: 910-673-3372
Stoddard: Rating: ltjg

Bagatti, Gerald
Sacramento, CA
Stoddard: 62-66; SM2

Bailey, Frank C. (Mary Lou)
3395 Valley Hill Road
Kennesaw, GA  30152
Tel: 770-428-9755
Service: 56-60
Stoddard: 58-60

Bailey, Raymond L (deceased 4/14/95)
Dorothy Bailey-wife
932 Foxwood Dr
Desoto, TX 75115
Served 61/62 Rating EN3 

Ball, Robert O
Service: 57-58;  DK3
{deceased 7/5/1993}

Baker, James L.
PO Box 368
Amelia, OH  45102-0368
Tel: 513-797-4318
Stoddard: 60; Rating: GMG-1

Baldridge, Larry
PO Box 1204 
Yellville, AR  72687

Ballew, Jack
2310 Larry Avenue
Tahlequah, OK  74464-5742
Tel: 918-456-8227
Stoddard: 56-60

Balogh, Thomas F.
3 Silver Hills Road
Point Reyes Stn, CA  94956
Tel: 415-663-8245
Stoddard: 65-68; Rating: Lt.

Balzer, Glenn W.  (Doris)
11550 Magdalena Road
Los Altos, CA  94024
Stoddard: 65-66;  Rating: ET3, Ltgj

Steve Small &
R.O. Mason
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Dan Withers
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Bar, Jr., John
15143 120th
Monica, MI  49448

Barisch, Elwin F. (deceased )
705 Olive Street, #624
St. Louis, MO  63101-2208
Stoddard: WWII PO widow; Rating: GM1c

    After serving on the Stoddard during WW 2 I left the ship in Tokyo bay for leave and reassignment to shore duty. I got back to the states on the 5th of Oct. and was married on the 13th of Oct. Bill Bausell BMle and his wife stood up with us. Spent the rest of my enlistment on the east coast at different stations (1.5 years). We later moved to New York and I went into the dental lab business. We later moved back to Missouri to be close to my father-in-law who was a dentist, in Richland. After my father-in-law passed away, I took a job with the regional dental activity in St Louis. 

    My wife and I both retired she in 1977 and I in 1978. After nine years of poor health resulting from a stroke my wife passed away on Dec. 28, 1989. We had 45 years together and I sure miss her. Since then my health has taken a turn for the worst, arthritis, and now they have found a malignant cancer on my prostate gland. I'm on radiation treatment for six weeks, which will end the last of August. I'm a life member of the Elk's Club #9 BPOE. In 1965 I served as the exalted ruler, and in 1969-70 I was the district deputy grand exalted ruler. From 1970-72 I served 2 terms as dep. grand exalted ruler and then had to back off and relax.

Barker, Leroy J
1400 W Benson Blvd
Anchorage, AK 99503
Served 1957 Rank- Ensign

Barmore, Ralph A.
650 N. Sierra Madre Blvd.
Pasadena, CA  91107
Tel: 818-792-7077
Stoddard: WWII PO; Rating: Lt.

Barnes, Harold E
1210 E Schwartz Blvd
Lady Lake, Fl 32159
Served 59/60 Rank JT

Barnes, Philip G. (deceased)
3 Elgin Street
Albany, NY  12205
Tel: 518-459-1496

Photos Received from Cynthia. -  First Division - 1952

Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2004 8:27 PM
Subject: Philip G. Barnes, Sr GMSN #4197873

U.S.S. Stoddard Alumni:

I'm writing to you on this Veterans Day regarding my father who was part of your alumni.

After his service to the United States ended he married and moved to Albany, NY with my mother Evelyn Mae (Hine) Barnes.
My parents had six children. Cynthia A.Hughes Halley, Philip G.(Jr) Barnes, Douglas E. Barnes, Marjorie J. Blakeslee, Charles I. Barnes, and Paul D. Barnes.
They were married until the untimely death of my mother on February 9th, 1999.

They were also the proud grandparents to Mark, Amy, and Megan Hughes; Ashley and Kimberly Blakeslee, Carline and Bryon Barnes, Anthony and Michaela Barnes.
My father was fortunate to have two loves in his life the second Beulah Tuckett. They were just starting on their journey together when my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and fought the most courageous battle yet, lung cancer. He succumbed to this nasty disease this year on February 6, 2004.

My father was very proud of the Navy and kept an 11 x 14 picture of his ship hung on the wall as a reminder. Because of his devotion to his military career we too where presented the American Flag in his honor. I have found some of the pictures and thought you would like them for your collection.

Cynthia A. Halley -
97E Turf Court
Clifton Park, NY 12065
(518) 371-1401

Barrows, Eugene
5124 8th St
Zephyrhills, Florida 33542
Tel: 813-782-5516
Served 54/55 Rating SN

Batiste, Ernest
503 Springdale Ave
Biloxi, MS 39532
Tel: 228-392-2194
Stoddard: 68-69; Rating: E6

Bausell, Charles (deceased 1991)
Service: 41-47
Stoddard: Rating: BM1

    Prior to duty on the USS Stoddard, I served on the USS Bristol in the European Theater. After completing six years in the US Navy, I was discharged on April 15, 1947.

    Went to work for Potomac Electric Power Company in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Served as supervisor in property and plant accounting department. I retired on October 1, 1987.

    Pat and I were married on December 6, 1943. We have four children (two boys and two girls) and two grandchildren.

Beck, Jimmy L
909 7th St
Cochran, GA 31014
Served 56/60 Rating BT3

Beckwith, Ronald L
5876 Royston Rd
Eaton Rapids, Michigan 48827
Served 56/57 EN3

Bednarski, John   (Janet)
4233 Heffron Street
Stevens Point, WI  54481
Tel: 715-344-7392
Stoddard: 54 Jun - 57 Oct Rating:EN3

Beery, John E
1305 Massachusetts Ave
Mason City, IA 50401
Served 54/56 Rating MRFN

Behling, Arthur 
Stoddard: 46

Belcher, Rodger Dale
333 Center Ave Rt
Jacksonville, FL 32220
E-mail: (son)
Served 54/58 BT2
  Docked in the Philippines

Benavides, Fernando  
3314 E. 29th Street
Vancouver, WA  98661
Tel: 206-693-5423

    The first ship I was on was the USS Tennessee BB43 and we were in the following battles: the Gilbert, Marshall, Guam, Saipan, and Tinian.

    Then I went aboard the USS Altama C1104, put her in commission at New Jersey, and took her for a shakedown cruise and got off at Pearl Harbor and onto USS Stoddard.

Bennage, Henry G.   (Sheila)
662 Port Douglas Road
Keeseville, NY  12944-2605
Tel: 518-834-7530
Stoddard: 51 Jan - 54 Sep; Rating: YNSN

    After discharge from service, I returned home and met my first wife Lorraine; we married on July 7, 1956 and were blessed with five sons who all live in Florida. Lorraine passed away on December 3, 1988. Sheila and I were married on September 1, 1989 and have two children- a son and a daughter. I retired in 1993 as a meat cutter from the Grand Union supermarket after 36 years. Hobbies include NASCAR, camping and classic cars. Heard about the USS Stoddard Alumni from Ken Smith of Arlington, Vermont.

    Pictures from Henry Bennage; aboard the Stoddard 1951-1954.

Bennett, Charles E (Bonnie)
6010 Weathered Oak Ct.
Westerville, OH 43082
Tel: 614-882-8220
Stoddard: 60-61; Rating: ETR2

Bennett, Mark L
3043 S L St
Oxnard,CA 93033-5147
Served 60/61 Rating RM1       

Charles Bennett (60-61)

Bentley, William H.
935 Madison Avenue
Chula Vista, CA  91911-1603
Tel: 619-420-6820

Benton, Lee
842 Glades Dr
Eatonton, GA 31024
Served 58/60 Rating SH1

Bergeron, Alfred J.   (Marjorie)
77 Hickory Road
Leominster, MA  01453
Tel: 978-534-4546
Stoddard: 51-55; Rating: EM2

Bergstrom, Victor D
4400 Moose Rd
Ukiah, CA 95482
Tel: 707-462-3914
Served 60/61 Rating SKSN

Berlin, Cecil A.   (Shirley)
3441 Cypress Street
Eau Claire, WI  54701-7618
Tel: 715-835-3237
Stoddard: 52 Apr - 54 Nov; Rating: SN

    I joined the Navy in November 1951 and served on the USS Stoddard from April 1952 through November 1954. After the Navy I worked for John Deere Machinery, then for the Eau Claire County Highway Department, as well as for a steel fabricating company in Eau Claire, WI.

    I married my wife Shirley on September 8, 1956. We have two sons, two daughters, two granddaughters, three grandsons and one step grandson. Shirley and I retired in April 1996 and we enjoy spending time with our family, the grandchildren's sport events, as well as their school activities. We also enjoy traveling. At one time, Shirley and I had a band, played old time music; we still enjoy old time music and dancing.

    I am active in the American Legion, of which I am a life member. I am also a life member of the V.F.W. This Charleston Reunion will be the third reunion Shirley and I attended, and we have enjoyed every minute.

Bessire, Jerry
509 E Stanford St
Lubbock, TX 79403
Tel: 806-747-1302
Served 60/62 FT3

Bezanson, David
3400 Club House Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Tel: 757-340-4750
Served 58/63 FT3