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Jim Honberger brought a photo album to the 2000 Reunion. 
Here is a selection of memories from the 1953 Med Cruise.

Rex Harrison and Lily Palmer
'53 Med
jpg (60697 bytes) jpg (55407 bytes) Rex Harrison and Lily Palmer
'53 Med
Italy jpg (29448 bytes) jpg (70865 bytes) Italy
Unknown jpg (30242 bytes) jpg (45383 bytes) Ships photo from '53 Cruise Book
Cmdr John Baumeisterk, Jr. Commanding Officer  jpg (56602 bytes) jpg (85062 bytes) Mountain Climb with the American Consulate and Family in Greece
Carriview, Lacroy,
Krick, Albright
jpg (80288 bytes) jpg (81151 bytes) Jim Honberger and George Brown
Parthenon, Greece - '53 jpg (59452 bytes) jpg (77409 bytes) Syracuse,
Sicily - '52
Sicily - '52
jpg (87998 bytes) jpg (56093 bytes) Re-fueling
at Sea
May 52
jpg (64278 bytes) jpg (78972 bytes) Gibraltar
May 52
at Sea
May 52
jpg (76362 bytes) jpg (60441 bytes) Jim Christian, Monaco,
Emmet Little, R.H. Hoolihan, Capt John Baumeister
at Ships Party, Fall River, MA

These are photos were taken by G William Reynolds on the Med cruise in 
the Summer/ Fall of 1952.  [ Pictures received 04-21-01 ]

Riding in gondolas in Venice JPG (99075 bytes) JPG (69236 bytes) Hank Raichle negotiating for the ride
Fueling at sea in Med JPG (67835 bytes) JPG (95028 bytes) Radio Central
Hills at Trieste during a shore fire evolution JPG (64268 bytes) JPG (103087 bytes) Picture of me in ET shop
St Mark's Square, Venice JPG (46562 bytes) JPG (40629 bytes) Stoddard Med moored at Naples Italy
Swim party JPG (60452 bytes) JPG (34825 bytes) Grand canal
Highlining the Admiral from one command to another JPG (105921 bytes)

These pictures are from some of the activities while on board the 
Stoddard from 1951 through 1954.
[ Pictures received 02-15-00 from Henry Bennage ]

The first picture was taken right after we left the Charleston shipyard where we had 40mm guns replaced with 3" 50's.  In the picture I am on the left with hat and Tom Matino is on the right. JPG (23163 bytes) JPG (23556 bytes) The second picture is in the engine room where you never had to worry about your weight. Sure was hot! With me is Ken Smith.
In the third picture, it shows one of the best times we had at sea on those hot days. Swim call! As you can see just about everyone took a turn. JPG (19899 bytes) JPG (25593 bytes) Now the last picture number four: does anyone remember our little guest we had on board during the 1953 Med. Cruise?

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