Vietnam Wespac Cruise -1968

1968 Cruise Photo Collection

[ Received from John Rauh ]



 11-30-2015 - Added complete 1968 Cruise Book as pdf.

(added 08-18-2011) Dan,  I am attaching a single photo of the Stoddard during a Vertrep operation in late 1968 or early 1969. 

I was a Photographer's Mate aboard the USS Mars and often flew with the HC-7 crews as they resupplied ships on station in the Gulf of Tonkin.  I was doing some research for the Mars, scanning a bunch of old slides, negatives and photos.  I was attempting to identify some of the ships in my photographs and, fortunately, the Stoddard was easy since the ship's name is visible in the picture.  It is the only photo I took of the Stoddard and thought you might like to have it for your archives.

Best, Geron Marcom PH2, USN 1967-1970

1968 Cruise Book Cover Stoddard Hong Kong Harbor Transit to Westpac Change in command
Cover of 1968 Cruise Book Stoddard in Hong Kong Harbor Transit to Westpac - Stoddard with USS Ingersoll DD-652 and Richmond K. Turner DLG-22 Change in Command in Sasabo, Japan:
Robert C. Conolly II replaced by James E. Lacy
Chow Line Unrep drydock  (16355 bytes) firing (9478 bytes)
Chow line Unrep Stoddard in dry dock at Subic Bay Firing 5" on gun line
haircut  (11855 bytes) midway  (11359 bytes) oiler  (28714 bytes) oilunrep  (15935 bytes)
Bjork getting a haircut from Andrews the barber USS Ingersoll and Stoddard docked at Midway Island Stoddard coming alongside oiler Unreping from oiler
powder  (10132 bytes) search  (19069 bytes) camehome  (97655 bytes)  
Empty powder cases after firing on gun line Searching for a downed pilot We came home to San Diego  
JPG (62730 bytes) JPG (61398 bytes) JPG (86011 bytes) JPG (55847 bytes)
First Division Second Division Supply Division B Division
JPG (92246 bytes) JPG (105586 bytes) JPG (52703 bytes) JPG (15229 bytes)
Fox Division M Division OC Division OC Division names
JPG (70094 bytes) JPG (83910 bytes) JPG (151523 bytes)  
OI Division R Division R Division  

 Pictures from the Mike Phillips collection, received 08-26-01 ]

Capistrano-TN.JPG (43820 bytes) Storekeeper--Rauh.JPG (59583 bytes) Empie-YN.JPG (43240 bytes) Phillips-DK2-Anderson-SN.JPG (86088 bytes) Ships Service-Watson.JPG (81985 bytes)
Shipfitter--Tozzi.JPG (37443 bytes) unknown.JPG (58530 bytes) Weidlich-YN.JPG (61366 bytes) Cook--Ellis.JPG (65296 bytes)

(12-07-2010) Lynden Noe photos from the '68 cruise.
    Signalmen Kent
 and Wheat
Signalman Kennard Quartermaster Wolters and Signalmen Kent and Wheat
Boatswainmate Miller Quartermaster Jake "Speedy" Gozales     Seaman Howe
Captain Lacy Unknown Quartermaster
Signalmen Kennard and Fitzgerald  

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