The Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park opened on June 30, 1979.  It is home to the only guided missile cruiser open to the public, USS Little Rock, CLG-4, the destroyer USS The Sullivans (DD-537) and the submarine USS Croaker (SSK-246).  

USS The Sullivans History

USS The Sullivans was launched in San Francisco on 4 April 1943. The ships namesake, the five Sullivan brothers, enlisted in the Navy and served together aboard the light cruiser USS Juneau. On 13 November, 1942 while fighting off Guadalcanal, the five brothers died along with 700 other sailors when the USS Juneau was sunk by a Japanese submarine. President Roosevelt directed that one of the new Fletcher class destroyers then under construction be named after the five brothers.  She was sponsored by their parents Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Sullivan. She is the only Navy destroyer ever named after more than one person.

The Sullivans was designated a National Historical Landmark by the Department of the Interior in 1986.  More than 55,000 people annually come to Buffalo to tour the Naval Park.

Take this short virtual tour of a Fletcher -- your mind won't realize that you aren't on the Stoddard.

Welcome aboard..

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Forward 5"/38 and Bridge


Starboard bow view jpg (53614 bytes) jpg (36796 bytes) Port bow views
Berthing - Fifty "S" Division (Supply) jpg (50280 bytes) jpg (55386 bytes) 40mm Bofors Twin Mounting
Crews Head jpg (30501 bytes) jpg (44986 bytes) Aft electronics storage compartment
Berthing jpg (74301 bytes) jpg (40048 bytes) Forward Passageway
Radio Central jpg (45937 bytes) jpg (42796 bytes) IC (Internal Communications)
Mess Decks jpg (40216 bytes) jpg (42070 bytes) Mess Decks
Steam Line jpg (41502 bytes) jpg (31173 bytes) Engineering- Power
Main Gauge Board jpg (53053 bytes) jpg (41820 bytes) More engineering
Double Reduction Gears jpg (43918 bytes) jpg (48571 bytes) Astern Turbine
Machine Shop jpg (43340 bytes) jpg (41559 bytes) Barber Shop
Sickbay jpg (58423 bytes) jpg (32354 bytes) Port Looking Forward

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