Sabel, Dale E {Deceased 1998}
Ruby Sabel-wife
P.O. Box 261
Jamestown, MO 65046
Served 55/57 Rating FN

Salley, Lavorn D
318 Williams St
Jonesville, NC 28642
Tel: 336-835-4613
Served 65/67 Rating BM3

Saltalamachia, Nick F {Deceased}
505 N Starrett Rd
Metairie, LA 70003-6636
Tel: 504-467-9290
Served 1960 Rating SN

Salters, Leon W
14134 90th Ave
Mecosta, WI 49332
Served 57/58 Rating FN

Sanborn, Jack  
PO Box 214
St. Albans, ME 04971-0214
Tel: 978-462-9033
Stoddard: 65-68

Sanders, Joe  
6338 N. Utica
Turley, OK  74130
Tel: 918-425-4480
Stoddard: 57-58; Rating: MM SM

Sanger, William P
72 Sayles Hill Rd
North Smithfield, RI 02896
Tel: 401-766-6514
Served 53/55 Rating FT2

Santucci, Bernard
83 Armstrong Road
Wantage, NJ  07461
Stoddard: 57-60

Sappington, Paul P.   (Wilma)
12340 Quivira Rd.
Overland Park, KS 66213-2408
Stoddard: WWII PO 42-45; Rating: WT2

    Joined the Navy while working for Great Lakes Pipe Line Co.  Assigned to the USS Daly for about a year.  Left the ship in Honolulu.  Returned to the states on leave.  Assigned to the USS Stoddard and was aboard until the war ended.  Returned to my original job as engineer for Great Lakes Pipe Line and retired after 42 years of service.

Sass, Harvey
15221 Colfax
Lowell, IN 46356
Tel: 219-696-7923
Stoddard: 59-62; Rating: MR3

Saunders, Perry G.   (Carmenza)
375 Brittany Circle
Casselberry, FL  32707-4503
Tel: 407-834-3819
Service: 42-72
Stoddard: 66-68; Rating: PNC (deceased 08-22-01)

    [E-mail received 08-22-01 from Jim Arango, Buck's brother-in-law]
    I am sad and sorry to have to inform you that my brother-in-law, (Perry/Buck) passed on this morning at 5:30 AM.  He went peacefully and did not suffer.  He was aware that he was surrounded by many of those who loved him. All of us present spent some private time with him telling him how we felt and reminiscing about the good times we shared.

    [E-mail received 10-24-00]
    I reported to the ship 30 Oct 66 as a Chief Personnelman and served in her until Dec 28, 1968, we made two westpac cruises.  Departed San Diego on or about 3 November 1966, we ran over a grey whale and bent the starboard shaft but were not aware of this until we were well on our way to Pearl Harbor, they didn't have a dry dock available so we went to the Philippines and went into dry dock, all the time steaming on the Port screw.  The filipeno's put us into dry dock, pulled the starboard shaft straightened same put us back together and away we went to Vietnam.  We took a hit in the starboard side just above the waterline on St Patty's Day 1967.  You see we had a marine pilot in a spotter, prop job, plane, he was shot down and he ditched in the sea, we went into pick him up but when we shut down the superheater in order to slow down, we lost power, that is when Charlie put a round in us, we got the pilot, went out to sea and put a temporary patch over the hole then went back and silenced Charlie.  Those old 5"38's really did the job.

    [Original biography]
    I served in the US Navy for thirty years and retired in 1972. Boot camp was at Norfolk. In September '42 transferred to RM "A" school and graduated January 1943. Then transferred to the Philadelphia FFA then New York FFA. In April '43 transferred to the commissioning detail of the USS Andromeda (AKA- 15) at Brooklyn Navy Yard. Served in her until WWII was over. Among the ships and stations I served during my navy career were: Separation Center (Washington DC), Norfolk VA, USS Delta (AR-9), MCB2 Port Hveneme, Rupers, TIF 7 with the Atomic Energy Commission, Naval Air Station (Memphis, TN), Class "C" school, USS James E. Keyes (DD-787), USS Orleck (DD-886), Navy Recruiting (NY & Washington DC), USS Stoddard (DD-566). My service on the USS Stoddard was from October'66 to December'68 as PNC.

Sautter, Milton W
{Deceased 1982}
Margaret Sautter
2930 Aramingo Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19134
Tel: 215-423-8917
Served 61/63 Rating EN1

Scannell, Paul
11428 E Bay Rd
Gibsonton, FL 33534
Tel: 813-741-9510
Rating: RM2

Schafer, Robert
687 Red Rome Ln
Brentwood, CA 94513
Tel: 925-634-6443
Served 59/60 YN3

Schaffhauser, Edward G
479 Irex Rd
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233
Tel: 904-241-5424
Served 54/55 Rating SN

Scheibly, Robert D
750 N Moffet Ave
Decatur, IL 62522
Tel: 217-422-3140
Served 61/62 Rating BTFN

Schenkenberger, Milton L
N 3801 30th Dr
Pine River, WI 54965
Served 54/55 Rating MM3

Schickram, Mrs. Walter  (Barbara)
22 Rose Terrace
Cedar Grove, NJ  07009
Stoddard: 57-60  (deceased 12-19-99)

Schiffer, Victor E.
532 Cherry Wood Dr.
Wheeling, IL  60090
Tel: 847-541-4137
Stoddard: 51-54; Rating: BT2

    I came aboard the Stoddard fresh out of boot camp, in 1951 at Charleston SC. The first day that I reported aboard, I accidentally went to the forward engine room, looking for Lester Pryor, BT1, but was told that he was the next hole forward. I was a fireman apprentice and eventually made 2nd class petty officer. For a span of time I was "Oil King." Discharged July 1954 at Newport, RI. Married twice, have four daughters, 2 step daughters, 5 grandsons. Worked for an insurance company for 36+ years as a buyer of printing. Retired 1/93. Then worked part time as bartender. Hobbies are bowling, golf; also enjoy taking short trips. It's hard to believe that almost 50 years have gone by since I was on the Stoddard.

Schils, Carlton R.
8532 Rich Ave. S.
Bloomington, MN  55437
Tel: 612-929-2988
Stoddard: WWII PO; Rating: GM2

    I served aboard the Stoddard putting her in commission in 1944 and was present on the decommissioning crew in 1946. It was during the Korean conflict that I decided to make the Navy a career. I had married and transferred to RTC at Great Lakes. I pushed boots and later got into the PT department as a swimming instructor and even coached the Great Lakes swim team, left for California in January 1952, boarded a LSMR (rocket ship) for a cruise to the far east. It returned October '54 and was decommissioned at Astoria, Oregon. I then went to gunnery school, class B (Washington DC). After graduation I boarded an APA 30 USS Chilton at Norfolk. It underwent a yard period then made a cruise to Cuba. When we returned I put in for fire control conversion school and completed this in 1 year and changed my rate from GMI to FTC. Took the chiefs test and made chief in '57. Returned to the west coast where I boarded a destroyer tender at San Diego. Then I went to Seattle where I boarded the heavy cruiser USS Bremerton CA-130. Made two cruises on this vessel, mostly in the Singapore area. Finally left it with some shore duty orders at Subic Bay, Philippines. This took me back to San Diego for more schooling (Class C instructors and leadership schools). Then off to Minnesota where I was assigned to the Univ. of Minn. as an assistant instructor with the ROTC unit. After 3 1/2 years I transferred to the fleet reserve at Great Lakes on October 26, 1962. Finally my 20 years were up.

    After leaving the service I graduated from NW Electr. Inst. in MN and went to CDC and retired from there after 20 years in September '84. Pat and I attended health club, played golf and sailed my boat (a day sailer) regularly. I especially enjoyed cross country skiing. I had a massive stroke in '87 and this has put me in a wheel chair. My son Mitchell will be attending the Charleston Reunion with me.

Schliska, Edward W
10003 Sheridan Rd
Burt, MI 48417
Tel: 989-770-4704
Served 55/56 Rating QM3

Schmidt, John   (Stephanie)
14163 Norwich Circle
Magalia, CA  95954-9410
Tel: 530-873-0109
Stoddard: 44-46; Rating: ETM1

    I was one of two radar technicians assigned to Stoddard in April 1944. The rating was later changed to electronic technician, a more descriptive designation since we were trained in the maintenance and repair of radio receivers and transmitters, sonar, and surface, air and fire control radar. My watch station was CIC while my battle station was Repair 3 aft. The experiences from these two stations are many. After service I obtained a BA in business and economics and was employed in the aerospace field working on jet fighters, ICBM's and the Apollo program. We are now enjoying our new home in the Sierras and spend our retirement hiking with our dog and traveling.

Schneider, Donald L.
11701 Oak Trail Dr
Evansville, IN  47711
Tel: 812-867-2629
Stoddard: WWII PO {Deceased}

Schobl, Ted   (Barbara)
8395 Alturas Rd. S.
Bartow, FL  33830
Tel: 813-537-2701
Stoddard: 56-61; Rating: MM {Deceased 2/16/01}

Schoolfield, Wayne
3217 Bowman Ridge
St Charles, Missouri 63301
Tel: 636-978-6466
Served 54/55 Rating BM3

Schottenheimer, Arthur F.
2006 Broadview Blvd #609
Natrona Hts, PA 15065
Stoddard:  53-54 Rating: PN3

    HI DAN:


Schuett, W. A. (Bill)
3880 Ben Hur Road
Mariposa, California 95338
Stoddard: 60-63; Rating: Sonarman

Schuman, Henry J
2512 W Jordan St
Pensacola, Florida 32505
Tel: 850-438-3521
Served 55/57 Rating GM3

Schweiker, Robert Richard, Jr. (Dee)
Stoddard:  65-67

[E-mail received 10-01-00]
Bob was a member of the Westpack Deployment when the Stoddard sustained enemy gunfire damage off Vietnam.  He served as a Boiler Tender during his time on the ship.

Scram, Andrew
1277 Rio Circle
Lillian, Alabama 36549
Tel: 251 961 2437
Stoddard: 60-63; Rating: Lt

Scrivens, Charles
1030 Losco Junction Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32257
Tel: 904-260-9067
Served 55/57 Rating QMC
Was FT3 on Stoddard

Scudder, William
525 N Gilbert St Spc # 107
Anaheim, CA 92801
Tel: 714-527-3583
Rating: BT3

Sebastian, Peter
1038 Clem Lowell Rd
Carrollton, GA 30116
Tel: 770-838-1306
Served 60/62 Rating FTG2

Sebastino, John
491 W Main Street
North Adams, MA  01247
Stoddard: 50's Korea (deceased 4-25-00)

Sedgewick, Dan E. (Carolyn)
107 W. Alpine St
Granite Falls, WA 98252
Tel: 360-691-6050
Stoddard: 55-59; Rating: MM3

Sellers, Mrs. Dan G.   (Phyllis)
3416 57th St
Des Moines, IA  50310-1223
Stoddard: WWII PO widow (deceased 5/5/97)

    I got out of the Navy in 1946 and stayed out for 5.5 months. Then I went back for a four year enlistment and after the four years I decided I would stay in for the 20 years.

    Besides serving on the Stoddard on some shore commands from Guam in 1946-1948, then on the west coast and then off to Japan for a couple of years.  Once again back to the west coast, but this time to Seattle, then to Taiwan.  After that I spend 3 years in Washington DC followed by a tour of duty on two aircraft carriers, the USS Valley Forge and the USS Forrestal, and my last tour of duty was at the shore patrol headquarters in Philadelphia for three months.

    I retired from the Navy on Oct 6, 1964 after 20 years, 3 months and 10 days, and came out with the rating of RM1c.  Received a nice pension along with social security.

    I was married in 1954. My wife has retired from her job as a librarian at the North High School here in Des Moines.  We have two sons. 

Sena, Jacobo
3416 Savannah Ave
El Paso, TX 79930
Tel: 915-566-5489
Rating: SN

Senuta, Mike
113 S 14th St
Olean, NY 14760
Tel: 716-372-2333
Rating: RD2

Shaffer, Jr., Norman E.   (Sonia)
Richfield, PA  17086-9801
Tel: 717-694-3601
Stoddard: 53-54

Sharrah, Logan    (Luree)
1407 Snowy Egret Drive
Murrells Inlet, SC  29576-8820
Tel: 843-651-9240
Stoddard: 53 June - 73 June Rating: Lt/LCdr

Shattuck, Allen A.
138 Pleasant St. #1
Auburn, ME 04210-5817
Tel: 207-743-8753
Stoddard: 65-69 Rating: Cook E4

Shea, Irving W.   (Helen)
412 Brook Road
Milton, MA  02186
Tel: 617-696-6472
Service: 52-73
Stoddard: 52-56; Rating: BT1/BRCM E9

Shearer, William W
8735 NW Irving St
Portland, OR 97229
Served 61/62 Rating SO3

Sheppard, Charles
110 Choate Ct.
Winter Haven, FL 33880
Stoddard: 64-66; Rating: RDIV

Dan - While surfing in search of lost shipmates, I ran across Charles Sheppard. We knew him as "Shep," who was SMF3, (Ship Fitter). Until now, I could only remember him by his nickname "Shep." He has a bio at:
Glen Balzer

Sheptock, Rudy (Joanne)
Interlachen, FL
Rating: baker {Deceased 9/13/00}

Shineflew, William L.
RR 1 Box 20019
White Cloud, KS  66094-9717
Tel: 402-733-4430
Stoddard: WWII PO

Shirey, Stan    (Riki)
7397 Boyd Court
Easton, MD  21601-4849
Tel: 410-822-6805
Stoddard: 63-64 Rating: IC3

Short, James  <--- click here  <--Found 08/25/04 by Brad Peterson
Norwalk, OH
HOME PHONE IS 419-668-8033

Shutters, John
Jean Shutters-wife
9970 County Rd 41
Gaylesville, AL 35973
Tel: 256-643-5657
Served 57/59 Rating TM3

Visit the great photo page for John here.

Siefke, Kenneth A
265 Iron Creek Rd
Troy, MT 59935
Served 56/58 Rating SN

Siemer, Donald 
5549 Hinton Cove
Memphis, TN 38119
(O) (901) 682-3143
(H) (901) 545-3696

Siler, James 
835 Claybanks Dr.
Callaway, VA  24067
Tel: 508-888-3049
Rating: BTC

Hello Bob
I was aboard just a few months in early 1966.  I'd been aboard USS Porterfield DD 682.  She left for WESTPAC in January and I was a short timer, on four months extension so I was transferred to Stoddard until my discharge in March.

James W. "Bill" Siler, Jr.
USS Henry W. Tucker DD/R 875 (62-64)
USS Porterfield DD 682 (64-66)
USS Stoddard DD 566 (66)
USNR Roanoke, VA; Quincy, MA; NAS So. Weymouth, MA; SIMA Newport, RI

Silleroy, Christopher
PO Box 10248
Albuerque, NM 87184-0248
Stoddard: 68-69

    [ Letter sent to all shipmates by Gary D. Niehaus, Ph.D., USS Stoddard 1968-1969 ]

    One of the USS Stoddard alumni would really enjoy hearing from you. Since he is a great guy and a bit of a hero, you will enjoy communicating with him. Let me tell you a little about him.

    Ensign Christopher Silleroy joined the Operations Department of the Stoddard in early 1968. Like all Ensigns, Chris didn't know much (how can a guy from New Mexico know anything about the navy?) but he listened to the Chiefs, he worked hard, and he made his shipmates laugh (it is impossible not to laugh a lot when you are around Chris). He was a valuable member of the crew during the Stoddard's last Westpac cruise. When the Stoddard was decommissioned, Chris received brown water training and was sent to Viet Nam to command a squadron of river patrol boats (PBR). While on patrol, an AK-47 round hit the right side of Chris' head. He was medivaced to a field hospital, stabilized, and sent home by way of Japan. His prognosis was so poor that he had to be held in Japan for six months to permit him to gain strength for the rest of the trip home. During his long convalescence he had to relearn to write, walk and function with left side paralysis. As Chris earned a journalism degree, he kept the people around him laughing. With that same laughter, he wrote to champion veterans rights. A few years ago, Chris fell and injured the left (other) side of his head. When my wife and I visited him at his assisted living apartment (in May), he was confined to a wheel chair and is nearly blind . . . but his joy of life remains contagious. Chris is one of those few people who can be dealt a really bad hand and play it with great exuberance and skill. In my book, he is a true hero.

    Chris fondly remembers his time on the Stoddard. It would mean a great deal to him if you would write him (in large print) a letter saying something like "I understand you served on the Stoddard, I did too." Then you can tell him your favorite sea story. The letter would brighten a shipmate's day. However, you should not expect a reply . . . he really can't write letters anymore.

    His address is:

      Christopher Silleroy
      P.O. Box 10248 
      Albuquerque, NM 87184-0248

    Thank you for your kindness to a shipmate.

Siragusa, Joseph A.
3 Trumbull Road
Waterford, CT  06385
Tel: 860-443-5143

Siss, Frederick
363 E 166th St
South Holland, IL 60473
Tel: 708-210-9045
Rating: SN

Sita, Samuel J. (Alcie)
1266 Chicora Street
Chilcora, PA 16025
Tel: 724-445-2916
Stoddard: 54-55 Rating: CSSn

Skaggs, Joseph
826 Saddle Ln
Billings, MT 59101
Served 57/59 Rating RD2
Retired as RDC

Skidmore, Samuel J.
9247 SE 171st Cooper Loop
The Villages, FL 32162-1814
Stoddard: 57  Rating: ET

Skillings, Howard (deceased 11/05/92)
Stoddard: 51-54; Rating: RD1

    For a little background, I was a member of the recommissioning crew in 1951, an RD2 at the time.  After making RD1 I transferred to shore duty at Fleet Training Center, Newport in 1955.  During that tour I made chief, then attended "B" school at Treasure Island; after which back to the DD Navy aboard Gatling DD671, followed by F.T. Berry DDE 858, both in Newport.  Incidentally, the old Newport waterfront and downtown area are gone, replaced by marinas, hotels, fancy shops, etc.

    In May 1954 I got married. Unfortunately, the ship nearing completion of overhaul in Boston Navy Yard, that was the day she went out on first sea trial.  Disaster! All those young ladies at the wedding reception and no sailors. And I had to drink all the beer (not all at that time, of course).

    In 1966 I retired from the Navy as Senior Chief Radarman while serving aboard USS Independence CVA62, and from federal civil service in 1983 as a GS12.  We've lived in Pensacola since 1974.

    Sadly, the only former crewmember I had regular contact with was Lester (Louey) Pryor, BTC, who died a few years ago.

    The Independence was on one of here Yankee Station tours off Vietnam in 1965 when who should come alongside for replenishment but the good old 566. I could hardly believe it! Still going strong 14 years after her recommissioning in Charleston. She looked as sharp as ever, but must have been pretty worn out by then.  I took several pictures of her and am attempting to find the slides to make snapshots, but no luck so far with my storage "system"... Her voice radio call sign was "Two Bits"

Slattery, Patrick
211 W. Oak Leaf Dr.
Oak Creek, WI 53154
Tel: 414-571-9930
Rating: SN

Sleeper USN Ret, Capt. S. J.
6525 SW Gator Trail
Palm City, FL  34990
Tel: 407-287-9127
Stoddard: 58-61

Slinker, Gary D.
Stoddard: 64-66; Rating: M Div, Aft engine room (deceased 1991)

Smart, Daniel S   {deceased 11-27-82}
Wife- Barbara Smart
700 W Alta Vista Ave Lot # 27
Ottumwa, IA 52501
Served 1955 Rating QMSN

Smith, Alfred E. (Marie)
91 Allcrest Lane
Willingboro, NJ 08046
Tel: 609-877-8783
Rating: FT2

Smith, Alfred M. (Geraldine)
1428 Avenue C
Denten, TX  76205
Tel: 940-382-3422
Stoddard: 56-57; Rating: YN1

Smith, USN Ret'd, Franklin D. (LaVonne)
1930 E. Capital Ave. #208
Bismarck, ND  58501-1515
Tel: 701-352-3608
Stoddard: 61-62; Rating: MMC

Smith, Gale E.
1931 Beth Street
Allegan, MI 49010
Tel: 269-673-4668
Rating: TM2

Smith, Guy J.   (Terry)
No. 10 Blackfriar Road W5554
Black Creek, WI  54106
Tel: 414-984-3286 (deceased)
Stoddard: WWII son

Smith, Kenneth R.   (Grace)
PO Box 186
Arlington, VT  05250-0186
Tel: 802-375-2848
Service: 50-54
Stoddard: 51 Mar - 54 Sep; Rating: MM3

    Grace and I have been married for 44 years; we have four children and six grandchildren. After the service, I worked as a toolmaker with Mack Molding Plastic Co. and Union Carbide/Ralston Purina Co. I retired after 25 years. I have been a volunteer fireman for 50 years and a Vermont State Fire Instructor for 25 years. I learned of the USS Stoddard alumni through Tin Can Sailors.

Smith, Lester G.  (Anne)
3853 Patterson Ct.
Redding, CA  96003
Tel: 916-243-2712
Stoddard: WWII PO

    As S1c, I was shipped from Treasure Island in 1944 to board the Stoddard in Bremerton, Washington. I was in the 3rd Division, if my memory is correct. Then later went into radio department, as radar man striker. Served in Stoddard's Pacific campaign until I got my "ruptured duck' in November 1946.

    In June 1949 I joined the USAF, served 17 years, retired and was a civilian employee at Alameda Naval Air Station for 6 years. Moved to Redding, Ca and worked 12 years for Shasta County, and then finally retired. My wife Anne and I were married in June 1950. We have one son, Ivan.

Admiral  Bull Halsey in boatswain chair and piped onto the Stoddard .
Missouri from Stoddard Deck Kingfisher Plane Stoddard It's over; we won and we're HOME!   San Diego, California
Stoddard Chiefs Tokyo Bay..Aug. 1945...Surrender. Note: All battles not over.  Mother Nature clouted us and we lost one shipmate enroute to USA.    

Smith, Verle M. (Ann)
8278 CR235
Clyde, TX  79510-6712
Tel: 915-529-4215
Service: 43-64
Stoddard: WWII PO 44-46; Rating: M'Sgt

    I served on the USS Stoddard from its commissioning in 1944 through its decommissioning in 1946. I was a Ship Fitter 3rd class. I also served on the USS Young DD580, New Jersey B367 and Tidewater; left the Navy after seven years achieving the rating of metalsmith 1st class. Then I joined the Air Force and completed my 20 years, retiring a M.SGT. Then I worked for the US Postal Service as a letter carrier for 10 years. In 1975 I went into business for myself, restoring antique cars until 1997. I've had to cut back on work, doing only the stainless steel trim that need repair. At our age we won't be coming to the reunion as our "world" is closing in on us. But we enjoy hearing from the old Stoddard crew members, and enclose a photo taken with one of our restored antique cars.

Smithwick, Carl   (Anita)
1816 Kelly Rd.
El Dorado, AR  71736
Tel: 501-863-7757
Stoddard: WWII

Smyth, Loren J.  (Ida J.)
320 Deal Street
Junction City, OR  97448-1448
Tel: 541-998-8410
Stoddard: WWII

Snelling, Mrs. Lewis F. (Odene) 
304 E Oliver Stamford
Texas 79553
Tel: 915-773-5627
GMC, On Stoddard 56-59 (deceased)

 Snow, Mrs. Art J.   (Billie)
1701 Los Osos Valley Road #18
Los Osos, CA  93402
Tel: 805-534-1047
Stoddard: WWII widow; Rating: S1 (deceased 2/16/96)

Sommerlott, Lester E. 
209 S Elm St
White Pigeon, Michigan 49099
Tel: 616-483-9201
Served on Stoddard 1959-1963 - BT-2

Sopko, Jr., Mike
812 Carl Avenue
New Kensington, PA 15068
Tel: 724-339-8878
Rating: GM2

Spencer, Jess L Jr  {deceased 1996}
Karen Kattau-daughter

Spotts, Robert L. (Lillian)
5 Summer Breeze Lane
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Service: 48-55
Stoddard: 51 Feb - 55 Jan; Rating: DK1

Springer, William C. (Shirley)
6044 E Billings St.
Mesa, AZ  85205-8312  (deceased 01/07/00)
Tel: 602-981-0432
Stoddard: WWII PO; Rating: GM2

    I was gunners mate 2c and a plank owner when I went aboard the USS Stoddard. I made GMlc. Up north I was in charge of gun 45 40mm between 5" mounts 3 and 4. When we went south I was put in charge of 5" mount #5.

    After the war I worked for an air conditioning company in California, then for a bakery and then bought a franchise with the Taco Bell in Greely, CO. I later sold it and bought a franchise in Oklahoma City and sold back to Taco Bell in 1970. After that I worked for Taco Bell as a city manager-supervisor and then opened a distribution center for them for the state of Oklahoma. I retired in 1980 and moved to Mesa, Arizona.

Stainton, Jr., Dave G.
114 Richwood Dr.
Hattiesburg, MS  39402
Tel: 601-264-6367
Stoddard: 58-60; Rating: Lt. jg.

Standing, McKinley
Josephine Standing
P.O. Box 114
Gracemont, OK 73042
Tel: 405-966-2458
Served 1959 Rating PNC

Stanton, Edwin C
P.O. Box 361
Mt Vernon, Washington 98273
Fax 360-336-9958
Served 59/60 Rating SN

Star, Robert R
16133 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91436
Tel: 818-788-3270
Served 66/67 Rating RD3

Stark, Boyd
PO Box 911
Alliance, NE  69301
Tel: 308-762-5471
Stoddard: 63; Rating: YM2 

Starkey, James
102 Evergreen Way
Milpitas, CA 95035-6712
Stoddard: 63-64; Rating: BTC

St. Clair, David (Sandra)
P.O. Box 595,
Cumberland, ME 04021.
Home: (207) 829-3353.
Served 4 years as a BMSN.

Stebens, Edward F
315 N 11th St
Garden City, Kansas 67846
Tel: 620-275-1673
Served 58/60 MM2

Steger, Robert (Theresa)
915 Bayview CR., 6
Mukwonago, WI 53149
Tel: 262-363-9268
Rating: EM3

Stephens, Charlie
3725 S 11th St
Gadsden, AL  35904
Tel: 256-543-0520
Stoddard: 58-60; Rating: TM3

Stetson, Wendell  
Hazelton Road
Rowe, MA  01367
Tel: 413-339-4337

Steward, Edson L.
{deceased 2/4/2003}
5300 E Desert Inn Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89122
Tel: 702-432-6907
Served 60/61 Rating EM1

Stewart, Edson {deceased}
Jennie Stewart
5300 E Desert Inn Rd Space 277
Las Vegas, Nevada 89122

Stickney, Robert Dean  (Bobby Dean)
3401 Premier Dr Rm 121 
Plano Texas 75023 
Tel: 972-633-5055
Stoddard: 59-63; Rating:

Stoddard, Larry E.  (Gloria)
PO Box 105
Plymouth, CA 95669
Tel: 209-245-6366
Stoddard: 59; Rating: BTR1

Stomsvik, Don -Rating: TM2 
details removed at Dons request.

Stout, Dean
4763 State Rte 130N
Uniontown, KY 42462
Tel: 270-822-4500
Rating: SN

Stoyle, John H.
2417 Foxfield
Glenshaw, PA  15116-2559
Tel: 412-486-1569  email:
Stoddard: 60-62

59-60 Ships Photo.
Brought to the Stoddard 2000 Reunion in Jacksonville, Florida.
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Strazz, William R.
8317 Northeast 7th St
Vancouver, WA  98664-2025
Tel: 360-693-1084

Street Jr, Thomas H
10000 US Hwy 98 N
Lot 927
Lakeland, Florida 33809
Tel: 863-858-3596
Served 55/56 Rating FT1

Streets, Burleigh D.
700 Cole Avenue
Helena, MT 59601
Tel: 406-443-2616
Stoddard: 63-66; Rating: ET2

[Email message October 13, 2001 to Glen Balzer regarding Dan Withers ]

I remember the "dork meter" well; I modestly christened it the AN/BDS-1. Dan and I were on a troubleshooting mission in the Radio Shack (exact problem not remembered). Must have been a power problem tho, as Dan noticed a main power panel switch that was slightly ajar. He operated the switch-shutting down everything in the Radio Shack but the lights.

Never at a loss to appropriately respond to a situation, Dan moved his white hat over his face and left the Radio Shack, shutting off the lights as he left.

I always remembered the above as one of the funniest Stoddard experiences I had.
Burl Streets

Strub III, Henry M.   (Maria)
824 Spring Drive Ext.
Winston-Salem, NC  27107
Tel: 336-769-4304
Service: 66-72
Stoddard: 66 Jun - 68 Apr; Rating: PN3

    Served aboard USS Bausell (DD-845) then USS New Jersey (BE-62) as well as the Stoddard. Received BA degree from Mars Hill College in 1972. Work as CADD designer presently at PPG Engineering Center in Lexington, NC; also doing business as (DBA) CADD draftsman at home. Enjoy wood working and model building as hobbies. Wife Maria is receptionist at Inmar Enterprise in Winston-Salem, NC. Have 2 cats, no kids..."We take care of each other."

Sturgeon, John E.
236 N Y Ave.
Bay Shore, NY 11706
Tel: 631-665-8175
Rating: BT3

Sturges, Harry J.
40 Woodside Ave.
Malverne, NY 11565
Tel: 516-599-3078

Sturvist, Gerald  (deceased 6/23/04)
215 Amelia St {winter home}
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Tel: 412-771-1019
39361 Red Rock Rd {Summer Home}
Hubbell, MI 49934
Tel: 906-523-6225
{Eleanor Sturvist-wife}
Served 66/68 Rank LTjg

I regret to inform you that Jerry passed away on June 23, 2004 after a short battle with cancer.

Sincerely yours,

Eleanor Sturvist, wife

Summer, Stanley
21410 Applewood Dr
Calif City, CA 93505
Tel: 760-373-2305
Rating: SK1

Sumner, Bruce H
7845 State Route 534
Windsor, Ohio 44099
Tel: 440-272-5500
Served 51/55 Rating QM2

Sund, Alan G
7 Pebblewood Pines 
Chico, CA 95926
Served 55/59 Rating RMSN

Sundstrom, Fred L.
2760 McKee Road, Apt. 226
San Jose, CA  95127
Tel: 408-272-1538
Stoddard: WWII PO 42-46

He enlisted in 1942 and served onboard Stoddard from 1944 to 1946.

    I served aboard the Stoddard during World War II.  When I was discharged from the service I worked at several menial jobs and then went into the fishing fleet, fishing for tuna.  I have been married and divorced twice.  I remarried three years ago after 26 years.  I have two sons by my second marriage.

    I lived in Las Vegas for 3 years, a short time in Idaho, and then moved to Washington State and lived there from 1965 until 1983.  I have lived in California from 1983 to the present time.  I am now retired from the construction business.

Surato, Ronald L
250 Elliott Rd
Mason, MI 48854
Tel: 517-676-3111
Served 1957 Rating ETRSN

Sutton, John
1026 S Lehigh Dr
Tucson, Arizona 85710
Stoddard: 62-63; Rating: RD2

I was aboard the STODDARD from Dec 62 until Oct 63. I was in OI DIV, RD2. I got out after throwing the lines over for the STODDARD on her way to WESTPAC. I cruise the web site every now and then and saw MR. Althouse's name recently. I e-mailed him and got an immediate response with a very nice message. He mentioned you had contacted him. I'm glad to say he is still as good of a person as he was when he was a JG. Will watch the web for more details on San Diego. 

Sutton, Thomas
4303  11th Street
Ellenton, FL 34222
Tel: 941-722-3591
Stoddard: 67-71, barber

Swafford, William D
374 Idaho Ave
Dayton, TN 37321
Served 58/59 Rating MM2

Swan, Robert J.   (Eileen)
3704 Gladstone Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA  23452-3102
Tel: 757-340-0762
Service: 49-72
Stoddard: 66 Oct - 69 Sep; Rating: BTC

    I joined the Navy in March 1949, and served through July, 1972. I reported aboard the USS Stoddard DD566 in October 1966, and was Boiler Tech Chief. Made two west pack cruises and was aboard in 1967 when she took a direct hit at the water line just below the aft 5" gun mount. We made emergency repairs and took the ship into Sasebo, Japan. I served on the decommissioning detail that put the Stoddard out of commission in Vallejo, California in September 1969. After that I went onto the USS Chicago CG11, then a tour of shore duty. I retired from the US Navy in July 1972, then went to work as a steam plant engineer until I retired in September 1992. My wife Eileen and I are traveling around the country going to ship's reunions and enjoying ourselves.

Swanger, Larry D.  (Linda)
604 Progress Avenue
Lebanon, PA 17042
Stoddard: 68-69

Swanton, Leonard H.
16 Goldencrest Ave.
Waltham, RI  02154
Tel: 617-890-0532
Stoddard: 51-55

Sweeney, John H
Ten Arrowhead Lane
Arlington, MA 02474-1918
Tel: 781-646-3107
Served 54/56 Rank LTjg

Sweet, Mrs. Leonard M. (Marcia)
51 St. George Ct.
Warwich, RI  02888-5424
Tel: 401-463-8834, (deceased 3/30/97)
Stoddard: WWII PO widow

    Duty on USS Stoddard: joined balance crew at Treasure Island, San Francisco. Train ride to Seattle with balance crew.  Ship commissioned April 15, 1944.  Assigned as assistant communications officer and anti-submarine warfare officer.  Served as officer of the deck underway and at general quarters. Served until the surrender and left the ship after it reached Philadelphia.

Sweetingham, George M
2567 Taft Dr
Lummi Island, WA 98262
Tel: 360-758-2554
Served 57/60 Rating IC2

Swetka, Alex  
1216 Arbor Court
Mountain View, CA  94040-3907
Tel: 415-969-9889
Stoddard: WWII PO; Rating: RdMC1

Swopes, Bryan
3595 Cambria Ct.
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360
Tel: 805-493-2292
Stoddard: Phalanx development