Bilderback, Bill E.
Dennison, TX
Tel: 903-465-3246

Bill, Leroy    (Grace)
21808 Heather Lane Ct.
Diamond Bar, CA  91765
Tel: 909-861-7880
Stoddard: WWII  PO 44-45; Rating: GM2

    Enlisted in the Navy 6-7-43, attended two gunner's mate schools in San Diego. I also went to the Electrical Hydraulic school at the repair base in San Diego. I came out GM3c. Went to Treasure Island from where I was sent to Bremerton to be part of the crew for commissioning the Stoddard. I was in charge of small arms and training of lower ammunition crews. I was rated GM2c in the Aleutians, when an opening came up, as one of the GM2cs was sent back to teach school.

    I was in charge of 40mm mounts after receiving my rate of GM2c. One of the things I remember most and I think all of the destroyer men remember is standing on the deck and feeling the power of the engines and watching the wake boil up. One of the best memories is when the war was over, gunner's mates went back to peace time watches. I stood my watches on the helm and was able to handle the ship, particularly in a couple of storms, and I remember being allowed to bring her along side ships until the quartermaster took over. I left the ship in San Diego in December of 1945 and was discharged in San Pedro.

    I became a metal man after I got out and fixed cars for 46 years, and am now enjoying retirement and golf. My wife Grace and I have two boys who in turn have given us six grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren (with one more on-the-way)!

Billett, Donald R
184 McDaniel Rd
Shady, New York 12498
Tel: 845-679-1246
Served 55/56 Rating RMSN

Billings Jr, Ira S
{Deceased 5/86}
5578 County Rd 1108
Athens, Texas 75751
Tel: 903-675-4560
Served 58/60 Rating BM1

Bingham, C.R.
Service: 58-60; BM2 (dec. 4/26/02)

Birgenheier, Robert M
{Deceased 1981}
Ray Birgenheier-brother
416 W Jefferson Ct
Spokane, WA 99203
Tel: 509-838-8065
Served 58/59 Rating SFM3

Bisbee, Don
Stoddard: 68-69

Bishop, Arthur C.   (Lois)
285 Dupont-Harts Chapel Rd
Poplarville, MS  39470
Tel: 601-795-2760
Service: 46-52
Stoddard: 51 Feb - 52 Dec; Rating: BT2

Black, Mrs. Forrest R.   (Ruth)
378 South Tuscon Way
Aurora, CO 80012
Tel: 918-834-6321 (deceased)
Stoddard: WWII PO widow; Rating: Lt. jg

Black, Marland
5015 Kingston Dr 
Witchita Falls, Texas 76310
Tel: 940-691-8313
Stoddard: 58-61; Rating: SN

Blackburn, Rick  (Jill)
12801 Spring Street
Leavenworth, WA 98826
Tel: 425-481-5588
Served 60/63 Rating BMSN

Blackmar, Kenneth R. (Dorothy)
298 Pebble Beach Dr.
Mays Landing, NJ 08330
Rating: SN {Deceased 2/13/01}

Blais, Justin D
1484 Andrea St
Carpinteria, CA 93013
Served 60/62 Rating RM3

Blanchard, Gary L
1503 Wyoming Ave
Ft Pierce, FL 34982
Tel: 772-464-9367
Served 57/58 Rating FN

Bleckert, Carl F {Deceased 11/23/2001}
Lee Beckert-Wife
1790 Bollinger Ln
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Tel; 707-823-6135
Served 55/56 Rating FT3

Block, Douglas
2621 Perry St. Qtrs G
Great Lakes, IL 60088
Stoddard: 68-69; Rating: E2/Capt.

[ E-mail to Joe Harpster July 26, 2001]
I am Captain Doug Block, CO of the Navy's Service School Command up in Great Lakes. I served aboard STODDARD (DD 566) as an E-2 and E-3 back in 1968 through 1969 when she was decommissioned. I worked in "M" division and have very fond memories of my time aboard this fine ship.

I'm very interested in obtaining some pictures suitable for framing and memorabilia for my own collection and some day share with my grandson. I would be most appreciative if you could steer me in the right direction. I would also be very interested in joining a group that celebrates the contributions made by this fine ship.

Bloom Jr, Kenneth
1105 Old North Kentucky St
Kingston, TN 37763
Served 61/62 Rating FT3

Blouin Jr, Leon J
802 Juniper
Atwater, CA 95301
Tel: 209-358-7830
Served 58/60 Rating TM1

Leon J. Blouin died November 30, 2003. Blu was 80 years old. Please remove his name from your mailing list.
Thank you.


Boesch, Martin H.
416 Kisiwa Village Road
Hutchinson, KS  67502
Tel: 316-662-7758
Stoddard: Korea

    I served on the Stoddard in the 50's.  I was on so many ships in my 21 years and 7 months of the Navy it's hard to remember shipmate's names.  I was a gunners mate

Boesenberg, Paul L.   (Dorothy)
424 Jordan Drive
Anamosa, IA  52205
Tel: 319-462-4140
Service: 43-46
Stoddard: WWII PO 44-46; Rating: S1

    I was drafted into the Navy in September 1943. Went to boot camp at Farragut, Idaho. During a two week furlough, I went home and Dorothy and I got engaged. At Farragut, I was placed in an OGV camp and then was assigned to the USS Stoddard. As a plank owner, we put the ship in commission, went on a shake-down cruise and then over to the Pacific theater. I was S1c in the Second Division. My battle station was on the #1 5" gun. I was the triggerman (pointer). I will never forget the violent storms we were in from the Bearing Sea to the South China Sea. Fortunately, I never got sea sick; I often wondered how that "tin can" ever stayed upright. Then there were the times when the sea was as calm as a mirror; what a contrast to the stormy sea!

    I spent my leisure time on the ship writing letters. In December 1945 we arrived back in the States, at San Diego, then through the Panama Canal and on up to Philadelphia. From there I went home on a month's leave, got married, returned to Philadelphia, got my duffle bag and then on up to the Great Lakes for my discharge in February 1946.

    There are five boys in my family, three of us served in the Navy, the youngest was in the Army. There are now four of us still living and we get together every month to go out to eat and visit. Dorothy and I had six boys - one passed away three days after birth, but all the others are doing well, and all in Iowa. Our oldest son is a photographer for a newspaper in Manchester; the second is a grain inspector in Cedar Rapids; the third is a meat cutter for a large grocery store in Iowa City; the fourth is an accountant for the TIP rural electric in Brooklyn; and the youngest is maintenance man for the town of Stanwood. All are married, their wives are super and all work outside the home. Our sons have always wanted to see a ship like the one I served on, so last summer three of the boys, two of the wives and four grandchildren went with us to tour the USS Kidd. We had a great time spending the whole day on the ship and in the museum

    All of my working days were on the farm, a life with many ups and downs. We retired from farming in the spring of 1995 but I still help farmers in the spring planting as well as the fall harvests. Dorothy has recovered very well from the triple by-pass surgery she had a year ago in Anchorage, Alaska. She exercises often on a treadmill and Airdyne bike, as well as watches her diet. She also keeps busy with her sewing and alterations. 

    We have done a lot of traveling, covering all 48 states, Alaska, Nova Scotia, Canada, and just inside Mexico. We have been to Arizona for part of the winter several times. Dorothy says "just give me several hours and I'm ready to go traveling". I play golf every Wednesday with a group; while I am not very good, I do enjoy the sport. The Stoddard reunions are great, and we try to attend as many as we can. We are active in the Squaw Creek Baptist Church - Dorothy and I are in charge of planning and organizing the senior group's monthly activities.

Bohen, Howard (Popi)
78 Broaderick St
Albany, NY 12275 (deceased 11-24-00)
Stoddard: 51-54 Korea; Rating: GM2

[E-mail received 11-27-00 from Chris Reynolds, Howard Bohen's grandson]

     My name is Chris Reynolds.  My grandfather was a crew member on the U.S.S. Stoddard.  He was on the ship the same time my Uncle Phillip G. Barnes and my Uncle Louis H. Murnighan Sr. My grandfathers name is Howard E. Bohen. On Friday, November 24th, 2000 he passed away at the age of 70. I just attended his wake today and his funeral will be tomorrow. He is being buried with his U.S.S. Stoddard jacket and hat and our family was presented with an American flag. He has all his discharge papers also. Tonight I was looking on your website and I clicked on your ALUMNI link. His name was nowhere to be seen but my 2 Uncle's names were there. I think that it would be in great respect to my grandfather to please include him in your ALUMNI link. One of his only wishes when he died was to have a veterans headstone.

I am sure he would be honored to have his name included in your alumni also! It would mean a lot to me also if you could please include his name on your site. Thank you so very much!!

Chris Reynolds
22 Churchill Sq.
Schenectady, NY 12309

Bokovoy, Sydney G   {deceased 1986}
Peggy Stonebanks {wife}
3377 N Lakeshore Dr
Mears, MI 49436
Tel: 231-873-3150 Summer
Tel:727-398-2629 Winter
Served 1957 Rating SN

Bonbrest, D. G.
6005 Southwest County Hwy 316
Reddick, FL 32686
Tel: 352-591-2174
Stoddard: 59-63; Rating : ET2

Bonds, Jerry
9521 Desert Hills Ln
El Paso, TX 79925
Tel: 915-591-6306
Served 58/60 Rating ICC

Borchert, R L
Served 66/67 Rank LTjg

Bordanaro, Anthony J.
PO Box 7315
N. Bergen, NJ  07047
Stoddard: 51-44; Rating: SH3

Boris, Carl S. (Dora)
4466 Blackbird Rd.
Petoskey, MI 49770
Tel: 231-409-9127
Stoddard: 50 - 54 May; Rating: MM2

    It's been a long, long time - and I am looking forward to seeing my shipmates again. I was in the engine room on the Stoddard from '51 to '54; was a member of the re-commissioning crew. I never got tired of ships or anything else that floats. Built a 17.5 ft kayak which we use on the Canadian waters, the Great Lakes and inland lakes, camping and fishing. We fish Lake Michigan, Lake Charlevoix and just returned from two weeks camping on Lake Missinaibi in the Chapleau Game Preserve, Ontario Provincial Park in Canada where we caught enough walleye to have for breakfast, lunch and supper! Caught a record breaking salmon one year, but I smoked it before getting it registered - picture enclosed.

    After the Navy, worked as tool and die maker for General Motors, retired five years ago. Dora and I raised six children, now we have 10 grandchildren. Our children all have careers of their own: Donna Boris is an attorney in San Diego, Karen Spruce is President of UAW Local 1403 & works in aerospace, Cindy Victor works for the Federated States of Ponape in the Western Pacific, Veronica Jones joined the Air Force and works for Lear Jet in Wichita Kansas, Janine Moore works for the Post Office in Seattle, and Mike Boris joined the Navy, served on the USS Ranger and now works for ABD in Hartford.

    Dora writes: "Carl is almost cursed with being able to fix almost anything and always knowing how things work. He still carries about 100 lbs of tools in any vehicle he drives "just in case" and helped a guy in Canada who had a flat on his trailer and did not have a lug wrench. Carl pulled one out of his tool bag, the guy asked how he knew what he needed just by looking at it - I just shook my head. The poor fool asked to buy it from Carl - but the wrench is back in his tool bag."

Bosia, Ronald
3241 San Jose Ave
Daly City, CA 94014
Tel: 650-755-2084
Rating: SN

Bossier, H. M.  (Maryanna)
P.O. Box 380342
Murdock, FL  33938-0342
Tel: 941-743-9635; Rating: ETC

Boude, Richard Lee
220 SW 34th St   APT  8
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73109
Tel: 405-632-6881
Served 66-67  Rating BMSN

Bowman, John W.   (Frances)
601 Shadow Ranch Lane
Roseburg, OR 97470
Tel: 541-957-0311
Stoddard: 51-54; Rating: MM3/HT1

    Joined the Navy June 1951 and was assigned to the Stoddard in September 1951 following boot camp. Served the ship on the forward engine room, first on one of the evaporators and later on main control. Discharged as MM3 in October 1954. Worked for Bethlehem Steel in Quincy as a naval pipe fitter until 1959, then to ship building work alternating between Boston and Portsmouth ship yards. In 1961 joined the reserves. Continued to do facility work with Howard Johnson between 1965 and 1974. Between 1974 and 1981 with my wife Fran, owned and operated a mom-and-pop store in Maine; the long hours in private business did not leave much time for us, so we sold the business. My Navy and ship building background cam to play in 1981 when I signed up with Bath Ship Yards, in Bath, Maine as a brazer. Retired from the reserves in 1986, and from the Bath Ship Yards in 1990.

    Fran and I were married in December, 1954. After I retired, we moved to Phoenix, Arizona. We have five children, John (43) Scott (42), Joseph (40), Glen (37), and Allison (33); we have 12 grandchildren. Son Joseph joined the Navy out of high school and I had the distinct pleasure of serving with him while on reserve duty for two weeks on the Sustain AFDM-7 floating dry dock.

Bowns, Jerry  
206 Latham Street
Lincoln, IL  62656-1633
Tel: 217-648-2240
Stoddard: 67-69

Boyce, Bill   (Dot)
1319 10th Avenue
Neptune, NJ  07753-5160
Tel: 908-775-7001
Stoddard: 55-57; Rating: EN3

Boyd, Jack R. (deceased 7/00)
601 N. 12th RR 1 Box 184
St Francisville, IL 62460
Tel: 618-948-2498

Boyer, Duane L
Helen Boyer
10003 Lake Canyon Ct
Santee, CA 92071
Tel: 619-448-7269
Served 61/62 Rating FN {deceased}

Boykin, John A.
P.O. Box 344
Amelia, VA  23002-0344
Tel: 804-561-3285
Stoddard: 51; Rating: Ptr2

Boza, Robert
550 E. Light Street
Urbana, Ohio 43078
Tel: 937-653-4576
Stoddard: 65-67; Rating: ET

'65 shipmates jpg (35880 bytes) jpg (48513 bytes)

Bozarth, William G.   (Laurie)
2248 S. Highway 129
Milford, UT  84751
Tel: 801-387-5534
Stoddard: 66-69; Rating: E5

Brackins, Steve  (deceased 2003, auto accident)
13990 Burnt Woods Rd.
Glenelg, MD  21737

Brader, Harold  {deceased 1994}
110 Floyd Cir
Spartanburg, SC 29301
Tel: 864-576-7571
Served 55/57 Rating FP3

Brady, Roger J.  (Sonja)
555 West 5th Street
Garner, IA 50438
Tel: 641-923-2160
Stoddard: 56-59: Rating: BT3

Brannigan, W. A.
1239 S Oakcrest Road
Arlington, VA  22202-2229
Tel: 703-553-9228
Service: 57-62
Stoddard: 60-61; Rating: Ltjg

Served on three other destroyers - Agerholm, Richard B. Anderson and Hopewell, and was on the staff of Amphibious Squadron One aboard USS Henrico. Later was a correspondent with ABC news and a press officer at Bank of America and at The World Bank.

Brant, Tom J.
508 S. Maish Rd
Frankfurt, IN 46041
Tel: 765-659-3605
Stoddard: 60-61; Rating: Yeoman SN

Brantley, Thomas Jr.
1209 Nelson Street
Orangeburg, SC  29118

Bray, Herman (twin of Sherman)
PO Box 4398
San Diego, CA 92154-0398
Tel: 619-298-0392
Stoddard: 57-61; Rating: SD2

Bray, Melvin E.
333 W. Bay St, SPC10
Costa mesa, CA  92627-5702
Stoddard: 58-62; Rating: RD3

Bray, Sherman (twin of Herman)
PO Box 4398
San Diego, CA 92154-0398
Tel: 619-298-0392
Stoddard: 57-61; Rating: SD2

Breford, Ernest
304 Cobblestone
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Served 55/57 Rating MM3 {deceased}

Brennan, John
121 W. 48th Street Apt 408
Kansas City, MO  64112-2808
Tel: 816-931-1205
Stoddard: 54-57

Brescia, Ralph J.
4615 Pinemore Lane
Lake Worth, FL 33463-6990
Stoddard: WWII PO; Rating: Y3

Brite, William E
P.O. Box 2005
Mills, Wyoming 82644
Stoddard: 60-63; Rating: SN

Brinkerhoff, Gerald A.
638 Nevada
Lovell, WY  82431
Tel: 307-548-7658

Britt, Norman C.
1006 N. Maple
Adamsville, TN  38310
Tel: 901-632-4006

Brodnax, Robert
P.O. Box 712
Jena, LA 71342
Tel: 318-992-2321
Served 58/60 Rating BT3

Brooks, Kenneth S.   (Dora)
13104 Richards Dr.
Strongsville, OH  44136
Tel: 440-238-3190
Service: 47-67
Stoddard: 57 -59; Rating: MM1 / MMCS

    Dora and I were married in January 1953. We had three children; our youngest son was killed in an auto accident in 1986. We have four grandchildren.

    I retired from the Navy in January 1967, then went to work for Travelers Insurance Co. as a loss control engineer; I retired from Travelers in February 1988. Dora retired from the school system in 1990. We have done some traveling since we both retired and have enjoyed retirement and our travels very much.

Brooks, Ron L.
1886 Timothy Rd
Arcata, CA 95519
Tel: 707-839-2194

Brosenne, Michael 
51 Milligan Ln
Johnson City, TN 37601
Stoddard: 65-66

I was on board in '65 & '66. I first went to first division then xferred to 2nd division. I was a GMG3 under GMG1 Edmonds. I was assigned to Mts 31 & 32. I looked up the WEB site and saw quite a few familiar faces but I have to go home and get the cruise book out and put some names to them.

I used to run with Jack Boyd all the time. We were the ones to went to good "ol' Tijuana and "sort" of forgot to return for 11 days. We got busted by Capt Cosgrove to E-1. This was just before the '65 cruise. It was fun scrubbing deck plates in the boiler room "with a toothbrush" :-). I re-uped in late '66 under the SCORE program and went to Vallejo for school. I spent other tours also in VN before getting out in '72. 

Looking at the '65 cruise book on the web site I was originally in first division then second. If you look at the pictures of first division-bottom picture-top row- Jack Boyd is third from left and I am fourth. I spent total of 8 years in the Navy. I worked as an electrician in Newport News, VA, R& D firm in MD, a consultant firm in Washington DC then went to work for the Feds. I retired from the Defense Dept- Naval Sea Systems Command in Crystal City, VA in 1997 as a Combat Systems Engineer (GS 13). 

We moved from Maryland to West Virginia where I went back to school and got a degree in finance.. We are now in Johnson City, Tennessee where I "sort" of grew up before joining. I am too young to be retired and too old too be hired. (only 54. Anyways enough of this "1-finger" typing. I was surprised to hear from anyone. Well let me know what's going on..

Brown, Ulyes
1850 W 81st St
Los Angeles, CA 90001
Tel: 323-752-4846
Served 1955 Rating SD1

Browne, Aldis
1614 Crescent Pl.
Venice, CA 90291
Rating: SN {Deceased 2003}

Browning, Patrick
12322 Felton Ave
Hawthorne, CA 90250
Tel: 310-675-3411
Stoddard: 56-59; Rating: SN

Brusseau, Howard 
1612 W. US Highway 2

Gulliver, MI 49840
Tel: 906-283-3539
Stoddard: 64; Rating: E5

I entered the Navy on Jan. 51 and retired on Oct.79 with ten years of broken service. I got out in 54 and reentered in 64 with one tour aboard a DE then A.C.R school then went to the Stoddard. We made two trips to Nam. The ship was in very bad shape but could still do 30 knots. I made E-5 on the Stoddard in M div. I got 20 years of service and retired E-7 MMC
H.G. Bud Brusseau
MMC Ret.

Bryan, Raymond
1808 Lariet Ln
Del City, OK 73115
Tel:405-670-5338 or 405670-5489
Served 61/63 Rating MS3

Bryant, Lorenzo
703 N 40th St
San Diego, CA 92102-4505
Tel: 619-264-9998
Served 56/57 Rating ENC

Bryer, D.C., A.E. (Del) (Margaret)
88 Blind Buck Road
Salem, NY  12865
Tel: 518-854-9068;  Fax: 518-854-7448
Stoddard: 51 Jun - 53; Rating: RMSN

    I went through boot camp at Newport then reported to the USS Stoddard when she was dry docked in Boston. Went to radio school in Newport and returned to the Stoddard to serve as RMSN. Was on her for the shakedown and the first Mediterranean cruise. Swapped before the 2nd Mediterranean cruise and was assigned to MCCARD. Then I swapped to the USS Lloyd Thomas, spent 4-5 months at Beavertail Point, Jamestown RI. Finally finished up my Naval service on the USS Yosemite and was discharged in Newport in 1955.

    I went to chiropractic college and started my practice in 1961. My first wife has passed away; my three daughters have given me two grandsons and three granddaughters. In July 1994 I married Margaret in Las Vegas - Margaret is from Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire, England. She has a son and a daughter, two granddaughters, and one more on the way, in England.

Buck, Frank T.   (Flora)
170 Zeke Wiltsie
Cooperstown, NY  13326-9659
Tel: 607-547-5750
Service: 38...66
Stoddard: 58-62; Rating: SKC / SKCS

    I started my Navy service in 1938 and served for a total of 27 years active duty (with some breaks in service) achieving the rank of SKCS. I was assigned to USS Illinois (BE-9), Prairie State (USS Illinois converted to train reserves and as engineering school for Columbia University midshipmen); USS Babbitt and the USS Decatur (4 stackers) on the East Coast; USS Pollux AKS-2 until her tragic sinking in 1942 as well as the USS Pollux AKS-4. I was on the commissioning crew (1943) of the USS Osterhaus (DE 164). I also played in the Navy Band at Boston USN Receiving Station. Assisted in putting out of commission and towing to Brooklyn Navy Yard to be sold as scrap, the USS Prairie State(1X). Attended Subchaser School Miami, FI.; US Navel Accounts Disbursing-TAD Office, NYC., USS Snyder (DE-745), Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, and USNRTC & US Naval Receiving, Liverpool, NY are some of the other assignments of my Navy career. I was on the Stoddard from 1958- 1962.

    As a civilian I worked for my grandfather and great-uncle's 100+ years manufacturing company. I also was Associate Director of SOAP, Inc., a firm owned by former, retired, etc., supply officers contracting for Navy NASA, and other government agencies in such areas as providing mess personnel, computer programs, and supply over-haul. For ten years I worked for the security department of Columbia Broadcasting's recording division; Retired in 1981.

    I have been married to my wonderful wife, Flora, for more than 55 years. Our first born Frank H., FN, USN died in South Vietnam while on Patrol with the River Assault Division in 1967. Our second son James W. is married to our lovely daughter-in-law, Marion, and they are the very proud parents of Taylor Scott (7), and Olivia Katherine (6).

Bunce, Charles
1030 Fouts
Irving, TX  75061
Tel: 214-790-9220
Stoddard: 66-67

Buntjer, Dan
877 Laguna Drive NE
Keizer, OR 97303
Rating: SM2

Burke, James W.   (Mary)
1 Roy Street
Nashua, NH  03060-4811
Tel: 603-880-6531

Burnett, A.
582 1st Street
Shipman, IL  62685
Tel: 618-836-7795
Stoddard: 56-57

Burris, Gary  
West Covina, CA
RD2, 1965~1967
Work phone: (310) 517-1372
Work FAX: (310) 517-1173

It was good to finally hear from someone who "enjoyed" years on the
Stoddard. I will definitely look into Reunion attendance. I was wondering if anyone from the Stoddard has any information on the where-a-bouts of John Cobaugh - he was our Postal Clerk for about two years and was the best man at my wedding in 1968. I lost track of him late 1969, when he was stationed in Viet Nam.

Burrough, David  (Valerie)
472 Cedar Street 
Ponderay, ID 83852 
Tel: 208-263-2127 
Stoddard: 54-58; Rating: FN-BT

I went aboard the Stoddard in Subic Bay in the Philippines, from there we went to the South China Sea. After I got out of the service I became a carpet & Lino. installer, I did that for over twenty years. I met my fourth wife in northern Idaho, where I have lived for over thirty years. My wife and I had our twenty-fifth year together last year. I am disabled with emphysema & arthritis. I'm on oxygen all the time & I can't walk very far, so I use an electric chair to get around. I'm a life member to the VFW Post 2453 in Sandpoint, Idaho, my wife is a life member of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary. We try to be active when we can, plus make it to the meetings. Most of our members are WWII & Korea vets. 

Burton, Jack F  {Deceased}
Death reported by Orton Peterson
Served 55/56 Rating QMSN

Butler, James J.
36860 Highway 26
Seaside, OR 97138
Stoddard: 61-64; Rating: MM3

Butler, Robert L.
2887 Martin Street
Walkertown, NC  27051
Tel: 336-595-4657
Stoddard: 1/67-8/69: Rating: BT3

    I went aboard the Stoddard as a fireman apprentice BT-striker in January 1967 and left as BT3 in August 1969. I worked in the after fire room with a great group of guys.
Buus, William H ( daughter Carrie Saunders )
8107 B Delta St
29 Palms, CA 92277
Stoddard: WWII ( deceased 08-10-01)

Byassee, Gerald W.
1473 Perkins Street
Napa, CA 94559
Tel: 707-226-3325
Stoddard: 58-62; Rating: GMB2