USS Trathen, DD-530 Ships Drawings

This incomplete drawing set is of the USS Trathen, DD-530. Dan Sedgwick '55-59 was the person who actually got the drawings from Mare Island. The sections were scanned from a full size drawing reduced 50% as the first copy. That copy was then copied and cut into the outlined segments and scanned at 300dpi. Each segment was then cleaned up for  bleed over light and speckles. After the clean up they were converted to .jpg format. The file sizes are quite large and may take a while to load for dial-up viewers, but it was necessary to be able to show the detail that made them interesting.

Let your mind fill in the blanks. This hull layout is very similar to the Stoddard. This was really fun to do as well and reflect on these places around the ship.

Windows XP users will notice that Internet Explorer will automatically force the image to fit into a single window size.
That will make it harder to see some detail.

Outboard Profile

Inboard Profile

Main Deck

First Platform

Second Platform


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